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Originally posted by slabsides45:
Sorry for your bad luck! As has already been mentioned, the odds of the opposite side's CCL (dog name for ACL) going out are about 50/50, and the longer you delay the surgery and subsequent healing time, the worse it'll get.

There are options to the TPLO, but in bigger dogs the only ones I'm comfortable recommending are the TPLO and the TTA. I personally do the TTA, mainly because it's a simpler procedure with generally shorter postoperative recovery time. Also, while the TPLO (as seen in xrays posted here) cuts the load bearing bone in half and then plates it back to itself at a new angle, the TTA does not affect the load bearing surface of the bone, thus allowing for reduced postoperative lameness.

Recent studies show that TTA's have shorter recovery times because of the differences in where the bone is cut, but that at 12 months the TPLO has a slight advantage in load bearing scores while running. Walking and standing scores were essentially equivocal. As such, my usual spiel is to tell clients that if their dog will be super active and run a lot, consider the extra cost associated with the TPLO. If they're a calm and settled dog who doesn't run that much but walks around a good bit, the TTA is a great option.

Either way you go, it's a big deal, and you want to be sure the surgeon knows his stuff. Best wishes for a speedy recovery and for the opposing CCL to be intact at the end of the drama!

She can be pretty rowdy with my other dog, and likes to run and barrel down our stairs at 100mph so the leg gets a lot of action. She's 70 lbs, and pretty solid, not a lot of fat, vet said we should trim her weight a little but not much. so hopefully still has several good years to go.
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Originally posted by Lord Vaalic:
she gets the cone of shame for a few weeks

Depends on the dog - she will focus on what is in front. She will probably be extra loving when she sees you. The cone also makes a handy treat catcher.
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