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I used to use the Binford 6000 Four Wheel Drive Electric Start Leaf Sucker, collect every leaf on the place and compost them (the sucker also ground them up).

A while back I blew the motor up on it and sold the 4 wheeler so now I'm down to a corded Toro blower/vac and just suck up the ones under the big maple in the back yard so they don't mat down and kill the grass. It does a nice job of grinding as well, and claims a 16:1 reduction in volume.

That's probably a bit optimistic, but it still makes nice compost and it DOES reduce the number of bags.

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I live in the country surrounded by trees, I run the mower with mulching blades over them and leave them in the yard. Works well enough and I'm not hauling them around.

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I rake mine and rake the neighbors and could use more. Put them on garden areas, the blueberry's and any bare patch of dirt. Keeps it weed free.
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The city picks up if we leave it by the street, but last week it rained everyday and the grounds been wet. It's going to snow tomorrow. The backyard is still too soft and wet to use the tractor. I'm going to have to push mow it today and dump the leaves by the street. Only to have it covered in snow and the city won't pick up till next month. I wish the wind didn't blow everything into my yard.
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