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Originally posted by ARMT Guy:
Originally posted by dlc444:
Speaking of banks.

Its not only the drive through, its at the ATMs now that they accept deposits. Yeah, put your stack of bills in, let the machine count them, give back the rejects, sift those in with the next stack of bills, take back more rejects, try one more time with the stack. Then try the stack of checks that the machine takes 30 seconds per to decipher the amount.

Then refi your home loan and up your credit card limit

No shit!

I was stuck behind one of these utterly clueless fuck tards at my Credit Union drive through a couple weeks ago. Mad

Jumping on the bank drive through band wagon this happened to me today..
I was the second in line behind a 30ish woman who apparently gave the teller so much stuff to do I literally waited 10 minutes for her to finish. When the tube container dropped down the chute she reached in to pick it up and....dropped it on the ground!

She tried to open the door but couldn’t due to the dispenser being in the way.

She decided to drive forward a couple of feet to clear the dispenser and....ran over the container!

She got out looked at me as if to say WTF?
And drove off.

The teller had to find another container which also took an additional 5 minutes....


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Too bad you did not have a dashcam video to post. I remember sometime back one of the other SigForum members who worked at a bank spoke of the guy who had to let the air out of his tires because the roof of his truck was stuck in the drive through.
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At a local ATM on sunny AZ Saturday I had the joy of being behind, what appeared to be a stripper trying to deposit fist fulls of dollar bills in the ATM, very unsuccessfully I might add probably because most were booze and sweat soaked.

She tried and tried and finally gave up leaving me alone in the small ATM room which now smelled of cheap perfume, stay booze, sadness and failed modeling dreams

Sounds like you enjoyed every minute and every whiff. Big Grin

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