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Getting old SUCKS, I mean it sucks balls. I have made a living using my hands my entire life, and now I am dealing with a whole heap of crap. Arthritis has crept in and is for real. I think cutting out Milk products helps. Anyone else have some tips, this really sucks fellas.... I will be 64 this year Mad

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A steady diet of 3 Aleve's a day. 1 when I get up, another after breakfast, & a 3rd about 6pm. I usually buy the Costco or Walmart version.


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Trigger finger is a form of arthritis, and I am plagued with that in both hands, middle finger in both. I wear splints while sleeping, would much rather that than multiple injections and surgeries. I also worked with my hands, but only for 25 years. Now 74, and getting up in the morning sucks.

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The wife and I tried grape seed extract pills and they seemed to help. We weren't sure if they were helping so we stopped for a week and felt awful.

When we started the ketogenic diet the arthritis in my feet went away. We eventually stopped the grape seed pills as they seemed redundant at that point. Quitting didn't affect us this time.
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Both my hands are terrible. I had 3 trigger fingers on my left hand and did have the surgery. First couple of days were uncomfortable but after that a piece of cake! Only way to correct it surgery--get it done and stop suffering.
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Doesn't just happen to the old guys. I'm not nearly "old" (late 30s), but have to deal with arthritis in my knees, thanks to too many years of being a big guy in a physically active profession who also played sports and worked out a lot.

Cold weather makes my knees ache, as do incoming storms. So the current historically cold and abnormally large/powerful winter storm we're experiencing means my knees have been killing me lately, especially when laying in bed at night.

I've found that Voltaren, a topical NSAID that you rub directly onto the joints that hurt, works better and faster than simply swallowing pills. It used to be prescription, but now it's available over the counter starting last year.
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Doesn't happen to all old people either, thank God.

Neither Mrs. Flash nor I have Arthritis.

I do feel sorry for those who do however.
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I'll try Voltaren, thanks. I can't take NSAIDS orally. Right now I'm wearing wrist and ankle elastic braces.
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Avoiding red meat seems to help me

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I’m 55 and it’s really hit me hard this last year. Right thumb, middle finger and wrist and left wrist. I’m on a prescription Meloxicam but it doesn’t seem to do much.
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I too suffer from arthritis. Had trigger fingers on both hands, index an middle fingers. Surgery cured that. I’ve found nothing that works on the arthritis. My wrists, knuckles, neck, shoulders, back and toes. At one point I was taking 2,400 mg of ibuprofen a day, didn’t work. Then 800 mg naproxen, nope. Tramadol, nope. Just holding my iPad and typing my hands are screaming. Arthritis and shingles, the two things I wouldn’t wish on anyone.
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I started taking the bone health magnesium-calcium-zinc tablets to prevent leg cramps, and found my finger and hand pains improved significantly. The pain returns when I forget to take some daily, and improves when I resume.

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Someone here on the forum suggested tart cherry extract, and it helps a lot.

NSAIDs help too, but can do bad things to your stomach lining long term.

Voltaren helps, but you have to use it regularly.

I found (by accident) that sulfa drugs eliminated the pain for me, but the docs won’t let me take it long term.
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I have Psoriatic Arthritis (PA) and take methotrexate weekly and Humira every other week. I also supplement with naproxen and aspirin to take the edge off the pain.

Some days the pain can be debilitating if my medicine schedule gets disrupted. I have to keep an emergency pack of prednisone for flares.

Chronic inflammatory conditions really suck. Add Charcot Marie Tooth Disease, a degenerative neuropathy and you get nerve pain to round out the fun.

Best of luck to everyone who suffers from chronic pain.

Mike (Molecular Biologist and Immunologist)


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Another sufferer. Radial Head both wrists and first two joints both thumbs. Also have Trigger Finger in the Left Middle Finger. Signing my paycheck has become rather painful. There was also a PET Scan that indicated "early Arthritic changes in both hips", the Doctors seem to have nothing but bad news for us old farts. Also have Heart Disease and due to that the only daily painkiller allowed is one single 325mg Aspirin tablet. When it's really bad I can take one Alieve tablet but that is permitted for one one single dose. I can already see the handwriting on the wall, I'll be needing some joint replacements in the coming years. BTW did some checking and joints in the hands and wrists can be replaced.

Something that really peeves me is that Stem Cell Therapy has proven to be 70% effective in treating Arthritis but the FDA will only approve it for use in the knees (and maybe hips). Because it's not approved for use on the hands and wrists there is zero insurance coverage for that treatment. As a result if you want to try Stem Cell Therapy on the hands it's about 15K per joint.

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Yes it is. I have Arthritis in my bottom four vertebrae.

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I have it pretty bad from breaking my back and a multitude of other bones. For me Kratom has been a godsend. You might have to experiment with a few different types but it is cheap and super effective for me.
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Check your local laws first. Kratom is illegal in a number of states.
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