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Originally posted by 4MUL8R:
Make sure the "pros" use Toyota OEM parts. You know they won't. Pay the difference if they claim that insurance regulations prohibit use of OEM parts.

Truck is back, looks excellent. I already knew the guys did good work. They had no insurance limitations on parts, best I can tell the only OEM part replaced was the tail light.

Thanks to the hive for all the advice. Smile

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I despise hit and run drivers. And it isn't just in parking lots they do their dirty deeds.

Grandson got hit in the driver's door bad enough he had to get out the other side. Scumbag got out, looked at his own car and then hauled ass with his female and crotch goblins. Didn't give a damn about my grandson.

Similar thing with my first wife. Scumbag in a black BMW hit her, checked his car and took off.

I tell everyone I know " if you are able, get pics asap because chances are, they're going to take off".
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