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My old agency requires the firearm information and prefer you only use one or two firearms for the 'list'. yeah yeah, pretty stupid.

On a side note, when we switched from G22 to M&P handguns. You were able to purchase the G22 from S&W by tagging the handgun and sending a separate notification (with weapon description) to the head shed. They would forward the firearm to (S&W) for the designated FFL dealer that S&W had contracted, then it would be sent to your FFL dealer (or you could go thru the S&W contracted dealer) for the could even get two if another unclaimed handgun was available...great deal!

Several months later, paper pushers failed to record the SNs of the handguns and if you obtained one you were required to supply the information with a deadline date. If you failed to provide it (per the email, you would be subject to disciplinary including potential termination or criminal charges). I about died laughing...Sorry folks, the deal with between the S&W dealer/rep and me, it was a non-public sale...try it and screw off.

After 25+ years, I really don't miss those jerks.
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For real?
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Our last guy would limit our retirees to one semiauto and one revolver and list the serial numbers. Only one guy used a revolver. He passed recently. We also had a limit of two firearms (other than duty) that we could carry off duty. Chief gave me carte-blanch to rewrite our firearms policies.
For retirees, I have it at semiauto or revolver. No make, model, serial required. For active, chief said he doesn’t care what we carry off duty. I limited it to functioning name brand firearm (no make your own guns) and if you want the city to supply ammo, it has to be 9mm, .45acp or 357sig. Any other caliber and it’s commercially manufactured ammo, no loading your own and no exotic ammo.

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I checked with two adjacent counties. They DO NOT take the serial number of the weapon and the certification card will only indicate "semi-auto or revolver or both"

I re-qualified with one of the counties and got a new certification card that reads "semi-auto/revolver"

It seems that Indian River County is one of few that go above and beyond what the law requires and lists the exact gun/guns that you qualified with.

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Yes, that's one of the biggest issues with some departments, going above and beyond that which is required under LEOSA. All they had to do was follow the recommendations.

Another issue is making retired officers shoot the active qualification course, which is often shot out to 25 yards with full-size duty weapons.

However, retired officers very seldom carry full-size weapons. They usually carry compact weapons. Even active officers carry the smaller weapons.

Which is why I took a clue from the NRA FAQ and developed an "off-duty/LEOSA" course of fire. It's designed around small handguns, like a Glock 26 or even 5-shot revolvers like the S&W 642, both of which I carry off-duty.

So, during our qualifications, I run my full-time guys through the normal qualification course using their normal duty guns, but use the off-duty, plain clothes, LEOSA course of fire for the other guns.

When I qualify retired guys, I have them shoot the off-duty/LEOSA course of fire which only goes out to 15 yards.

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