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Honor and Integrity
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I went through the Dave Ramsey website for insurance quotes. I saved over $1000/year on homeowners, and umbrella. Auto insurance was approximately $500/year savings on two vehicles. There was no changes in coverage.
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Originally posted by mikeyspizza:
State Farm only has 6-month auto policies, so rates can change every 6 months.

Besides driver-specific factors, there is a factor that reflects the amount of claims in your area or state.

Allstate goes up ever 6 month (auto) home owners went up 400 in one year, it’s getting really old.
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I haven't had any issues with rates or claims with Mercury for 30+ years.

I have no idea if they are the cheapest but for me the rates are reasonable and the level of service has met expectations.

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I just had a 6MO premium increase of $437 and after calling my agent to inquire, he checks and said there was a claim from 05/10/17 on their records with an 05'Jeep Cherokee listed with my wife. I called her and she said no tickets or accidents. Additionally, she drives a 14' Pathfinder, so I returned another call to my agent and said it's got to be a mistake. After about 30min of him digging into it, my wife called me back and said she might have been at fault as she now remembers driving a Jeep Cherokee of an elderly woman and got a slight scratch trying to park it in a lot someplace...AAARRGGghhh

Regards, Will G.
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Originally posted by ador:
I just spoke with my Satefarm agent and told her I "might be" cancelling my policies this Monday. She told me they don't like to see clients go. She said that her manager already called their district manager and informed them about potentially losing more clients. Upper management couldn't do anything.

Oh well. I have appointment tomorrow morning with AAA agent. If th rates will be the SAME as my current company, then I will stay with Statefarm. If the rates will be significantly less, then good bye Statefarm.

That is nuts. They keep the bad drivers and drive away the people they make easy money off from.

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