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well i have been using shipping services for most of my life in business....and i have seen what can only be explained as the AGE OF THE IDIOT...patent pending....all of this must cost them more money than they know and upper management must have no clue or they have no one steering these businesses...anyone with any brains knows u do not run a lemon stand this way...i am so glad to see it is not just me calling all the time trying to find out where my customers package it...
Recently the USPS had one of my packages go up and back to Rochester from my home over four times and no one even did anything till i called to complain...God Bless,John...
they have lost three packages so far this year....

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I ship a lot, using mostly USPS Priority,

I occasionally use UPS, and try to avoid FedEx as much as possible,

I've learned it is a regional thing, as far as which is better,

I have had USPS loose or delay a few payments, from customers, that resulted in just a bit of patience , I am ok with waiting for small ticket items, customers usually freak out a bit but all works out usually,

I've had one item I have shipped get lost,
it went to the local USPS hub, and never was seen again,

had a few returned damaged, or returned cause the bozo I sold it to did not give me the right address (called each to confirm once returned, and got the 'oh yeah,,, forgot to give you my new address,,,,)

did have USPS loose a pile of bullets (not ammo, just bullets.
box arrived, taped up with post office priority tape (I don't use that but would it they made it available) and bubble wrap inside, nothing else

no idea when or where the postal monkey dropped and broke the box, or what they did with the bullets,
customer filed the claim and got some cash for it,

UPS had a habit of delivering to the wrong address, then drivers changed and all was well,

new guy , old guy retired, but good so far,

FedEx,,, flat out sucks,

was called by the driver , while she was in my driveway, and was told to come get my shit or she was taking it back, now,,

did not end well for her, or her boss , and they proceeded to kiss my butt for a few weeks,

had a delivery diverted to a local kinko's to pick up, since I was out of town when it was first attempt at delivery
website showed It was being diverted, available likely the next day,
not 5 minutes after I check the fedex site to see where it was, the fedex guy knocks on my door (after 6pm, long after they are usually done) with my package,, guess they had no idea where it was or that it was supposed to be diverted,

one of the rare time it has worked out for me
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USPS just delivered a package a day earlier than originally scheduled. It was some bandages (another thread) that came from CO, they may have gone via Hong Kong but they arrived early and I got the email updates I requested.
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P226RN sent me the 8th season DVD set of 24 years ago via USPS from Maryland to Louisiana. Still not here yet.

And no, junior not being able to hold still for 5 seconds is not a disability.

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