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At my old house, we got at least 1-2 per week in the summer. I got them constantly until I put up a No Soliciting, Politics, or Religion sign. Then they would still show up, but would only leave a flyer. Extremely annoying. I even had our local shitbird demorat state rep come to my door and I just told him it wasn't a good time and he left.

I had one group of Mormons decide to ignore the sign. I opened the door, the guy said something and I just pointed and said "Read the sign" and slammed the door in their face. My wife was pissed, because she doesn't like it when I'm rude. Unfortunately, I don't care.
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I have cameras and am able to see who is there. I just don't answer the door. The intrusion are few and far between but still an annoyance considering the no soliciting sign. Not really a big deal.

I had a little kid selling chocolates who kept ringing my bell. I answered the door and while buying some treats I pointed to the sign. He asked what no soliciting meant. I had to laugh. I didn't bother explaining.

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Every time I hear of religious solicitors like jw , I'm reminded of this

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My sign on the door says "Absolutely No Soliciting"...

When they still stop by, I point to the sign, and never open the door.

A couple of weeks ago, a guy rang the bell in the dark of the night... That one got a call to the Sheriff's office... It's a typical break in ploy...

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When we had three large German shepherds, we would get the jehovahs witnesses stop occasionally. The funniest time, (to me) was when I went to see who it was, all three dogs jumped in front of me and jumped at the door, the poor guy turned sheet white and jumped back 3 feet. Of course I didn’t really have to tell him I wasn’t interested.
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Some posts state that they threaten, or imply, the use of force, even going so far as to display a firearm. How is this helpful to the legitimate right of self defense? It would be near impossible to defend as justifiable homicide. Or is it just internet bluster?

These people have a vote too. Using firearms, or the threat of a firearm, against irritating-but-harmless behavior is counter productive. It sure won’t strengthen anybody’s support of the RKBA.

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We live on a dirt road and it's a bit over 100 ft. to the door. So we don't get many solicitors.

Nonetheless: I think I'll be putting up a "Post No Bills - No Soliciting" sign, with "We don't vote, so you go away too!" under it, for the political canvassers.

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Heck, I just wish visitors would use the FRONT door. I consider my back patio private... stuff happens there OK? And, the first door you come to around back just goes into the Garage Roll Eyes

I can't get even friends and family to go to the front door, even though it is more direct from the drive than the back door is. At least my daughters know I am often armed so they don't come around unannounced or enter without knocking.

I put an alarm on the drive so I get some warning of visitors and
I have also toyed with the idea of a gate and a sign to the back walk...

For your SAFETY
and our privacy
Use front door.

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