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I have a 2018 Ram 2500, I installed the clearance lights on it. I don't know if Ford has anything like this, but Mopar sells the kit for the Ram trucks. It includes the lights, wiring, fuse tap and a template that you tape on the roof, the template is printed with the holes to drill. Remove the front pillar covers and the headliner drops enough to get your hands in there. It really wasn't too bad, not sure if the Fords are more or less difficult or if they offer a complete kit like that.
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They are powered by the goofy mags on each axle.

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Purdey double shotguns.

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Every time I attend the Vegas Antique Arms Show. I see scores of old Smith Registered Magnums, old .38/.44 Heayy Duties, double rifles, lithe Mannlicher bolt guns, etc. THEN look at the price tag!
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Every friggin day!! Everything is soo expensive, we just get used to over-inflated prices Frown
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My F250 had cab lights on it when I bought it new.

I really like the LINK system for an AR, until I saw the price.

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Originally posted by Black92LX:
On the other hand, having another fat remote on the keychain instead of a transmitter pigtailed into the wiring harness? That I just don't understand.

There are zero wires. Each light is independent and solar.
I’d make a little dash pod for the remote and not keep it on the key chain.

That is the whole problem in a nutshell. Because Energy IN = Energy OUT. Quite simply the Solar Cell cannot produce very much energy due to the small footprint of the cell. Means that on the output side you have 1 of 2 chioces, a very dim light that will last for a few hours or a brighter light that will exhaust the storage cell in 1/2 hour or less.

If you want a real world example of this issue take a walk around your neighborhood about 3:00 in the morning. What you will find is that those solar driveway lights that were sort of well lit at 9:00 PM are now going dead or in the process of going dead and putting out just a tiny smidgen of light. YeaH, I know, those driveway lights are dirt cheap and probably have inferior batteries and solar cell. That doesn't change the simply Physics involved. What doesn't change is the amount of sunlight that falls on a postage stamp sized solar cell. With that small of an area the difference in energy generated by the most and least efficient solar cell will be quite small. Because the difference between 7 and 9 milliwatt hours is only 2 milliwatt hours or 0.002 watt hours. BTW, the wired cab light probably draw something in the range of 3 watts per light for incandescent or something in the range of 0.8 watt per light for LED.

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