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..shown on the American Heroes Channel earlier today. Confused

I simply don't understand.

There are dedicated spanish language channels already. WTF, over?

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serás asimilado Big Grin

They do it here too, and it annoys the shit out of me as well.

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Let me translate for you:

Hillary is nominated for sainthood, those other people are EVIL! EVIL I say! BWuhahahahahhh!!!

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I watch a lot of different YouTube channels. One of them is work by a Mexican dude who does everything in English, but his ads are all in Spanish. Makes me scratch my head.

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No riots or backlash at the commercials with inter-racial or gay couples, so they're pushing it to the next level.

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A couple weeks ago I had one of my comcrap channels switch to spanish. I had to call them to figure out how to change it back.
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