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I have had no kitchen for about two months now so we have been eating out a lot. A Texas roadhouse opened up several months back but it's always busy so this is the first time we went.

Wow. What a shitty meal. How this place is busy is beyond me. My wife's pulled pork was dry, the ribs were dry, and it's the only country fried steak I have ever had full of fat, the hard gristle fat. In a chopped sirloin? WTF?

I told the server I would never be back, one of the worst meals I've ever had eating out, besides a Bennigans experience my wife and I still laugh about.

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My Dad likes it and we pretty much eat there every time I go home. I stick with their sirloin steak as they sell a lot of it and it's the only one they advertise the USDA grade (it's choice). I will never order their ribeye or NY strip again as they were shit cuts (I tried some of Dad's sirloin and it was more tender).

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I’ve been two or three times, all at the request of another. Too fatty, too loud, too damn many condiments on everything, and of course, my husband points out that everyone eating there is overweight ..not my cup of tea. Ranks right there with the Olive Garden next to it, but, hey, my kid just got a free meal there for his birthday (from the school district, no less), so I guess I’ll be returning at some point. It’s the thought that counts, anyway. Service was fine the times I went, just found it to be overrated.


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Hmmm... Been there maybe 2 times in the past 5 years.

It wasn't fantastic, but it was worth the 25 bucks a plate i paid for it. Steak as i asked (but a cheap cut) a potato or vegatable, and an app....

It sure ain't a rich man's meal, but it is sure accaptable around here.

Sorry you had a bad experience. I'd complain to the boss there and see if he can comp you another night.

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They have really good pork chops but I have not been impressed by any of their steaks.

Their chili is pretty good too.

They can go a long way in making things better just by bringing lots of hot bread and butter.
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I tried it, once. The steak, which was ordered medium rare, did not have a trace of red or pink. It was incinerated, rather than cooked.

I asked the server to get the manager. I handed him the knife and challenged him to cut the steak. He really had to work at cutting it. It was by far, the toughest piece of meat I have ever seen, and that includes four years of eating in military chow halls.

The manager offered to replace it. I declined and just ate what passed for a salad. I was not charged for anything and my wife's meal was comped.

I never went back.

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I actually like their ribeyes but I can't stand the loud environment. We only go on special occasions, and then only when we get there before the crowd builds.
I've only had one bad steak there in the times I've been, and the manager made it right. Maybe we've just got a good one, or maybe my tastes aren't as refined as most people's.

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Went once, that was enough. Loud, poor food. They're always busy here for one reason: BEER!.


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Well, you all must be going to the wrong Texas Roadhouse.

Our favorite restaurant is the Texas Roadhouse in Newnan, Ga.

We have never experienced any of the issues described in this thread.

Are you sure you're not talking about Longhorn? Smile

P.S. The Texas Roadhouse in Gatlinburg was very poor. Won't go back to that one again.

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I like Texas Road house, Ive been to a few and always enjoyed my meal. For me the food is good and priced right so you can eat, be full and not go bankrupt. While the restaurant's tend to be noisy I find that true of most restaurants that are crowded. You can't please everyone and theres bound to be dissatisfied customers but Texas Road House must be doing something right because they are always crowded.
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I’ve been to concerts that weren’t as loud as the Texas Roadhouse here. Food is average and the service is maybe average.
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I think their prime rib is great. The other steaks I've had there? Meh. But I love the prime rib.

I can only think of one other that I have eaten at in WI and I found the prime rib to be just as good there.

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We like the two in our vicinity. We eat there once every 6-8 weeks probably.

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When I lived in CA, there was one near my in-laws, they liked it. I ate there twice with them and it was terrible, my wife had the same experience. I had better meals at Outback the few times I have been there.

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I think their prime rib is great

I have a few places which I go to for the prime rib, and this is one of them.

However, they are not consistent across the board. Only one of their locations has always been good for me. One is hit and miss, and another has been bad every time I have been there.

All of them are always busy.

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I have to eat out often (travel for work) and have come to the realization that 90% of Americans don't know how to cook themselves a decent or better meal.

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Never been but it is always possible for some place to not be good.
Went to a Applebee's near me, it was their first week open, my first time there > terrible.
Never been back.
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There was a time when I enjoyed their food. The last 2 time I ate there, the food was way, way over-salted. Couple that with salted peanuts and it's more than I can take.

If I want peanuts, I go to 5 Guys.

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I have eaten there a few times at different locations too. Seems like certain locations are better than others.

The closest one here is hit or miss. Sometimes we go and it is worth it, other times I wish I had eaten at Wendys.

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Never been disappointed by the one nearest me. Ribs are fall-off-the-bone tender, steaks tasty and cooked as ordered, beer cold...what's not to like? Smile


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