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Originally posted by MattW:
I use Enterprise, never had any problems, I'm sure it's just a matter of time however. What really annoys me is that despite my status in their rewards program and 2-4 rentals a month, I always get the rundown on EVERYTHING they have to offer. I wish their app would just let me chose what I wanted for extras and quickly get in and out. Instead it's a 20 minute sales pitch every time.

I think Enterprise is decent, our did , until the last time I used them,

before I had used them for a car while on of mine was in the shop,

last time, a guy totaled my car,
was told by the guy's insurance all was good, just stop by the enterprise location nearest me (Gave the ins co the location) and pick up a car,

hr later I do, and no car
got grief for not scheduling an appt, (I reminded the clerk that I had a hard time scheduling getting my car totaled,, she dropped the hard time)

after 45 minutes, I get a car, do the walk around, get home, and notice the rear bumper fascia is falling off,

call, go back and they give me another car,

3 days later, the same thing, the damn bumper fascia is loose and flapping in the wind,

call, complained, questioned the integrity of the management of that branch, and had to stop by again for another car, freshly back from the body shop, overspray on the windshield, 1/4 tank of gas, and dirty interior,

I drove it a week, and when I turned it in, contacted the DM,, who basically did nothing,

a year goes by, someone hits my car, needed a rental (insurance again paid for it) and scheduled this need a week or more in advance,
told them when I scheduled it, it was a insurance claim, and I needed a small to med size car (I drive a Civic)

a person meets me at the body shop, drives me to the branch, and yep, no car available,

so I get a dodge pickup, big bastard of a truck, (and it sucked)

I had a trip to DC to see a concert in a few days and called back, politely asked for a smaller vehicle for DC traffic and parking, and got a Ford Edge, (nice car for a change)

hopefully I will not get hit in my car again, but if I do, I will not use Enterprise
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