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As the forum knows, I am separated from my spouse.

Almost four years ago she left me over money issues associated with my long period of un- or under-employment.

We are still married. I get my and daughter-chan's medical insurance coverage through her employment with a major hospital chain.

Today, I got a letter from a medical provider who is owed about $1,000 and cannot get the insurance carrier to pay him. This has been a longstanding issue. I had repeatedly asked my spouse to figure this shit out, and despite assurances to the contrary, apparently she hasn't.

I'd sort it out myself, but because she is the primary insured, all Explanations of Benefits go to her. The carrier has steadfastly refused to send them to me.

I'm getting fucking tired of her behavior in this regard. I am equally tired of the insurance carrier's never ending game of "hide the pickle." The carrier and I will be going a few rounds Monday. I am not sure what to do with my spouse.

So, having dropped $4500 on new A/C, I am hand carrying this provider (who I respect in the highest way) a check for the balance owed, just over $1,000.

It feels like the world has decided to beat on me financially.

I guess its time to go back to working three jobs (my FT consulting gig, my small-time firearms business, and something else - grocery clerk maybe) like I did for 26 of the 29 years we've been married.

Sorry, I just needed to vent.

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Most doctors I know have forms to complete as to who is responsible for payment of the bill if the insurer fails to pay. This is typically a form that is signed at the initial visit. As a first step I would check with the physician's office to see why the insurance company has not paid.
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I don't know if it helps, but I would write a letter to them and make it clear that you not being the policy holder and what not, means there is nothing you can do to sort out the "truth of the matter", and that under debt collection laws in most states, anyone being "collected" against, has the right to see the billing in order to answer the allegations.

Hate to see you continuing to suffer so much crap.

Personally, I would gnaw off a limb and go through life maimed, or die trying, than to be chained, imprisoned or otherwise held against my will in any situation.

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Please keep receipts for any and all home and medical expenses you pay out of pocket, in case you have not been doing so during the separation.

There will come a time when the piper (you) will be paid.


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