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has the postage predetermined to be charged at the contract price of the envelope and not a box.

True. Probably had no return address so the box went nowhere.

In my mind, USPS is an enabler for junk mail

Frankly, I don't want the post office determining what they think is worthy of delivery.

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I get about a 1/2 mailbox full of mail daily. Out of all of that mail, less than five letters per month is real mail that I want. It's just ridiculous. All of it goes directly into the burn barrel.


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I have a P.O. box and I complained about the junk mail several years ago. They said that they can put a "no boxholders" sign on my P.O. box and that would eliminate any junk. I haven't had any junk mail since. Maybe they can do it for a postal route box.
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I guess the key point here is that I would like the junk mailers to bear the burden of any disposal costs. Let them feel the pain of disposal costs.

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Originally posted by zoom6zoom:
Originally posted by 81chop:
Originally posted by GWbiker:
I get Junk mail, too. If there's a prepaid envelope inside, I use it to mail the ripped up junk mail back to them.

I need to start doing that, or mail another piece of junk mail to them from some other place.

Sending the NRA stuff to AARP is always fun.

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Interesting. In my town recycling is mandatory and we all get to rent a separate recycling bin to be put on the curbside and emptied by the city every two weeks.

I'm kinda wondering why they don't just put a recycling bin next to the centralized mail box.
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You can unsubscribe from it.

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