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Originally posted by az4783054:
All have said that UPS is so overloaded with deliveries from AMAZON now that they're hiring many new drivers but don't have enough trucks. They're renting PENSKE trucks to make deliveries in the mean time.

UPS does this every year for the Christmas season. When my dad worked there, from 1963-1995, they rented trucks from anybody they could get them from. In Wisconsin, they'd rent them from construction companies who didn't need their trucks in the winter.
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If there is an Amazon Locker near you, and if the item(s) that you are ordering are not too big to fit in a locker, give that a try.

I have been using this recently. They have never missed a delivery date. Only problem: once, the locker malfunctioned. It accepted my code, but the locker would not open. That is one occurrence of a problem, out of many orders, so I guess it's tolerable. They (Amazon) told me that a technician would be dispatched to fix the problem within 48 hours, but my order was for a food item, so I told them to keep (return) the item and refund the charge. I did not want a food item that had been in a metal locker in the Florida sun for 48 hours.

Other than that instance, the locker has worked out very well for me. It's like having a locked Post Office box, dedicated to Amazon deliveries, available 24 / 7, at no cost (other than Prime membership, which I have anyway).

I wish that WOOT! would get on board with this, but I do not see any option for delivery to an Amazon locker, even though I pay with an Amazon Store Card.

EDIT: Here is a link to the Amazon page that will find a locker location for you:
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One would think that in a small town like Wickenburg, miles from any metro area, that we would get the short end of deliveries. Such is not the case, though. Amazon has fulfillment centers in the Valley (Phoenix area), and 90% of our one and two day deliveries arrive as scheduled. Also, UPS and FedEx deliver per the tracking estimates, most of the time. Every once in a while, a package will get delayed, usually due to the shipper "creating a label" and then not having a pickup for several days.

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We live in Cordova Alaska, 2 day shipping is 2 week shipping, maby.

Stuff gets to Anchorage within 2 days, and there it sits. Alaska airlines freight bumps the cargo almost every day, i know because my wife is one of the 3 UPS drivers and i help sometimes with the freight.

The recent fires in California somehow delayed shipping for 4+ weeks to us, to the point that over 1000 citizens in this town had open trouble tickets with Amazon.

But they remain one of the only way to get goods here without paying an arm and a leg from a store or via the marine lines. I'll be gald when our ferry opens back up in May....
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