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UPDATE: Third post in this thread, I noted that I had emailed the Animal Shelter, re discussing a safe home for the little dog.

I received the following reply today (Tuesday, October 11):
Dear Citizen,

Thank you for contacting Miami-Dade 311. We are in receipt of your email in regards to ­­­­­­­­­­­adopting a pet.

Thank you for your interest on adopting a pet in need. At this time the dog is under the care of the Animal Services Department and is not available for adoption until resolution of the criminal case. ASD staff is happy to report that she is improving and is expected to make a full recovery.

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Please God, show your vengeance upon this beast.

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I have no words for this slimeball bitch!

Today, just to put a different light on dealings with animals the following happened.

Went to Home Depot. Came out and a Hispanic woman asked if I could help. She explained that there was a kitten trapped in the storm drain and she couldn't get it out.

I checked, sure enough. I managed to reach the kitten and got it out. This was in a large parking lot. No evidence of mama cat.

So, I brought it home. Took it to a veterinary clinic near by. Hoping that they would take it.

They could not, but told me the kitten was in decent shape, about 8 weeks old.

Ended up running around for about 2 hours to find the county animal shelter. Asked them if they were a "no kill" facility, if they were not I would take the kitten home with me.

Turns out they are "no kill" and after a little while the kitten was placed in a secure, warm, dry place.

People who intentionally cause pain on defenseless animals are, in my view, deserving of the same treatment.

Taking care of that kitten cost me virtually nothing but time and maybe a gallon of gasoline, all of which were well spent.

I absolutely HATE people who mistreat helpless animals.


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