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Originally posted by fiasconva:
Anyone else have the uncanny knack of getting in the checkout line with the checker who is new and at the line for the first time or the other one who must have won the award for slowest checker of the year?


Or the customer ahead of me that picked up an item w/o a bar code. Everyone is delayed for the "price check on #3". Wonder how that works with automated check outs?
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Originally posted by az4783054:
Wonder how that works with automated check outs?

The same way, except it’s necessary for someone to notice that there was a problem with a scan and come over to help. That specific problem is the worst annoyance connected with automated check out, but it happens infrequently enough that I just put up with it.

Another advantage, though, to self-service is that at my local supermarket there is a single line to four stations. That means I can usually bypass the person (like me, sometimes) who is purchasing enough for an expedition up the Amazon or can’t figure out that, yes, after you’re finished scanning, you must actually then pay for your purchase.

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Dances With
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Originally posted by flesheatingvirus:
Originally posted by OKCGene:
Originally posted by flesheatingvirus:
A version I like has been implemented by our local Smith’s stores. You get a handheld scanner when you walk in and scan items as you put them in your cart. There are wireless scales in produce for weighed items. Once you hit the self-checkout, you scan the terminal and your handheld unit transfers your order to the screen. Pay and go.

I’ve always thought the job argument against these was ridiculous. It’s called progress. Good luck fighting it forever. I don’t see any arguments for lamp lighters, stable hands, or chimney sweep jobs.

I was in Albuqurque on the way to Durango Co a couple years ago. I stopped in a Smiths to buy some dry ice and other assorted misc stuff.

When I tried to push the grocery cart out the door and to my car, the cart suddenly would NOT MOVE. An alarm was going off.

An employee came up to me and told me I'd triggered the brakes on the cart.

What? You're kidding me.

She explained the carts were NOT to be taken out of the store.

How the heck do you get your groceries to your car? I never got a clear answer to that.

What's up in Albuquerque, lots of grocery carts being stolen??????????

Ive never seen such a thing in ABQ. Either they got rid of it or you went to the most ghetto Smith’s we have. Smile

Maybe so. It was South of I-40, and IIRC East of Louisiana Ave, and I think it was very close to the State Fair. It was probably 2 or 3-ish miles West of Eubanks.

Love Albuquerque, just don't get there often enough to get around easily.
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I was pissed too when they went from a rotary phone to push button.

I love them, bypass all the chit chat and the people who want to argue over the price and coupon clippers.
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Seems to me with the self-checkout areas I’ve used, there is usually one line (queue) for several checkout stations. That is much more efficient than getting in a regular line where you are taking your chances on the wait: will that guy chat up the lady checker? Will that old lady pay by check and take 5 minutes getting out her checkbook? Will that kid pay with small change? On the average the wait is the same, but with a single-queue multiple-server model there is much less chance of a long wait.

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the way it's spelled
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I don't work at the stores, so I don't use the self checkout. Seriously, if they don't give me a discount for using them, or lower prices across the board reflecting their cost savings, what is my motivation? The damn things bitch at me the whole time, you got to look things up, and there isn't enough room on the bagging area for an entire week's of groceries. No thanks.
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The Walmart Market near me has a self-check area for awhile, but now have converted the manned lanes to self check. If you want a cashier, go to the customer service counter. Several do.

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Home Depot has a new system for self check out.
Pistol grip scanner for everything.

Works great, fast, scans great (even on plastic bag items), big flat screens for register... I'm liking it!

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My wife uses them . I refuse .
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I LOVE them machines.
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