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hard in the taint...repeatedly!
Watching football this afternoon and the 700 series channels all say "this channel exceeds your spending limit. Use code to unlock". Using the code brings up a $50 charge...for Sunday Ticket that I already paid for.
Get online and see a $37 charge on the account...which shouldn't be there because we already paid the full amount.

Wife gets on the phone to CS, waits for 30 minutes to finally talk to a human and she is having a hard time understanding the sing-song accent of someone from the Indian subcontinent.
Wife asks to speak to someone else or a supervisor.
The FUCKING BITCH in CS suddenly says, "Oh I can't hear you. If you can hear me call back" and hangs up.
Then she proceeds to CANCEL ALL THE CHANNELS ON THE ACCOUNT!!! Mad Mad
Every single channel gone!

Luckily I can't reach through the phone because I'd be cuffed and stuffed for committing a homicide in a most gruesome, heinous, hideous manner that would make Hannibal Lector think, "Wow...dudes got issues."

An hour and 3 phone calls later we finally have TV channels again. The "supervisor" that we spoke to said she would write up the CS rep for changing a customers account without authorization. Somehow I doubt that will be a big deal AND I STILL WANT TO KICK HER IN THE TAINT!!! Mad Mad

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Several neighbors around me have dropped Direct TV due to higher monthly charges or crappy customer service. They said they went back to cable (Comcast).

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Call back and ask for the Retention Department. They are based in the US and speak perfect English. Tell them you want adjustments to your account.
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Boy, they went to the industry best CS, to one of the worst ever since AT&T took them over. Filing a complaint with the public service commission will get their attention, It did in my case but to much bad blood had passed and I had to dump them. I was losing it on the phone with their “no customer service” and figured it was time to go to someone else or have a heart attack.
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I had Direct TV for 10 years and their C.S. pissed me off so bad I left and went to Comcast.

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I had DirecTV for about 16 years. I dropped them shortly after the AT&T merger after an argument with customer service after I found an unauthorized charge.

The CS was never great IMO, but with enough time I always ended up happy. I just had to spend an hour talking to enough people to get a resolution. After the merger no amount of time was getting me there.

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I was a 17 year customer before their CS f’d us over and made us quit. Again, right after the AT&T merger. Cut the cord and frankly, we don’t miss it a bit.

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I made the mistake of signing up for DirectTV many moons ago, the rep lied through his teeth on just about everything. Never again.

Best money spent on DirectTV for me was the penalty fee they charged me for cancelling. Good riddance.
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Originally posted by Valpo Fz:
I had Direct TV for 10 years and their C.S. pissed me off so bad I left and went to Comcast.

That's pretty bad CS if you went to Comcast who has legendarily horrible CS! Big Grin

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We needed DirectTV repair techs out a couple of times last year for issues with reception. The techs are still great to do with. But neither had anything good to say about the company since AT&T took over.

Speaking of AT&T, we buy GM vehicles and have always utilized ONSTAR because the reception in our northern AZ mountains is stronger than on our cell phones. ONSTAR used to be connected through VERIZON with towers everywhere.

ONSTAR is now connected through AT&T. We cannot get in vehicle reception. We've had our 2018 Tahoe into the dealership three times. It's an intermittent loss of power, we're told. But the dealer cannot get AT&T ONSTAR how to fix the issue. We've been on the phone with AT&T ONSTAR tech support ourselves for hours. We still cannot connect 90% of in vehicle calls.

We've dropped ONSTAR. AT&T is the problem with anything they're connected to.


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I haven’t had DirecTV for over 10 years and I still hate those pricks. I’m so close to convincing the wife we should dump Dish now.... Soon!
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I know the feeling.

I had my roof replaced on October 13th. I called and tried up an appointment to get the dish remounted, and on a pole, as I didn't want holes drilled in a brand new roof. They said nearest date they could get there was on the 16th between 8-12.

I took the day off from work as I had a surgery consult later in the afternoon.
They never showed up.

I spent more than an hour on the phone with them right up until the time I left to go to my surgery consult. They knocked $50 off this month's bill, and set up another appointment for the 19th, between noon-4.

I took another half day off from work on the 19th, and guess what...they never showed up again.

Another hour on the phone and plenty of cussing, and finally got over to the retention department. That rep was a delight. She knocked off $60 per month for the next 10 months, and ensured me that it was bumped up in priority as high as she could. She said the area supervisor would call me in the next 20 minutes.
They didn't.
However, they did call on the 21st, saying they would be there on the 22nd, between 1-5. I told them to call me when they were on the way, as I was not going to waste more vacation time for them.

Lo and behold, I received a call at 1pm on the 22nd, saying they'd be thereby 1:30. Indeed they showed up right at 1:30.

Tech says he'll replace the dish as my previous one was so old. When I asked where the pole was going, he said he couldn't pole-mount it without an inspection for ground wiring.

I had enough. It had been 9 days since I had live tv, and with my ankle surgery scheduled for the 24th, I couldn't wait another week or more to get tv as I knew I was going to be doing pretty much nothing but watching tv for the 1st couple weeks after the now I have a brand new roof with DirecTV dish mounting holes drilled through it.

They're on my shit list.

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I just had to call both Direct TV and Soectrum on th3 same day.

Serenity now!

They should force inmates to talk to these people as punishment.

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Originally posted by Beanhead:
I just had to call both Direct TV and Spectrum on the same day.

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I dropped them and went to Roku/Amazon/Hulu/Netflix. Best decision ever.


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