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Everybody in this thread is on my “Do Not Invite” list when I take out the 50BMG. Just like Everett telling Pete that the smell of his hair pomade is its most important feature, the muzzle blast is most of the fun from the big stuff.

I have BMG50, 458 Lott, 416 Rigby, 375 Ruger, 338 RUM, 30-06, 270, ...

Stop me when I get down to where it won’t bother your delicate parts. Smile

On a mote of dust, suspended in a sunbeam.
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Go ahead punk, make my day
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Mosin M38 throwing 7.62x54R fireballz downrange is another effective range clearance tool.

1-2 rounds every 3-4 minutes until everyone leaves has proven 100% effective.

Wait until you hear them load up and start shooting for the next volley is always the coup de grâce... Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
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That rug really tied
the room together.
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I saw a guy shoot a 50 BMG with a nasty brake and it blew the hat off the guy in the next lane.

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For a long time I used to bring my M44 Mosin with me and I wouldn’t touch it unless somebody had a SBR or ar pistol or something else obnoxious. Then I have my turn. Usually if I let off 5 rounds relatively quickly it gets the point across and I’ve had the annoying guy pack up and move or leave. Now I just use my Glock 20, doesn’t work as well but it’s easier to lug around
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