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Go ahead punk, make my day
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Not to mention Voyager's computer couldn't run the website you are using to stream porn on a lazy Friday night while SWMBO is yelling for a second scoop of ice cream from her lazyboy and tray table.

Or more simply...

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Originally posted by zoom6zoom:
Yeah, no Windows on Voyager.

How do they see out?

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Thanks RoHS!
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Plus, who wants a 40 year old computer? Why build a home PC to last for 40 years when it will obsolete in 3 years? The only people using 40 year old computers (NASA probes half a solar system away) have no choice.

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Originally posted by LS1 GTO:
Because Voyager used Fortran, not DOS (ie: Windows or Apple).

Actually, Voyager uses Binary Assembler. The entire programming is done with direct instructions sent to the processor in terms of binary choices for each register of the processor. that is the fastest and lowest overhead of processing power available. And remember, RAM on Voyager is limited and subject to Cosmic Ray segregation. So you have to be VERY careful and exact in your programming.

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It has one purpose, where as your average PC is designed to do a million things.
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