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No ethanol!
So I've seen the commercials for Touch Of Modern and thought I'd check it out. After just a moment the pop-up box wants to know my email to continue, or so it looks. When I place the cursor in the box google autofills, and as I'm looking at this I can read that I can continue WITHOUT it..... TOO LATE, without completing the box it captured the email and sends me stuff twice a day! First one came just after I exited the pop up without even completing it.

I already hate this site, 'FUCKEM. Blocked as SPAM.

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Same damn thing happened to me. Beach Camera pesters the crap out of me too!

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Nordstrom’s. Signed up to get alerts about their semi-annual sales as I buy their slacks and some shirts for work. Holy hell do they ever feel the need to email you about every trendy (read stupid) new arrival to the men’s line. Just what I need, track pants with the crotch down at my knees.

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Damn them for making me covet more watches.


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Pretty much anything political related. It's clear they sold my info and it makes me mad that I ever donated to a few of them. I will certainly never make that mistake again.

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I too made the mistake of checking out T.O.M. Kinda like Sharper Image or Hammacher Schlemmer, maybe something interesting. Turns out no, mostly overpriced dust collectors, silliness and stuff you'd be ashamed to have. But the emails Eek Mad , just stop.


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  • Sierra Trading Post
  • NRA

Even after I've repeatedly told them to take me off their lists.

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Unless things have changed, don't sign up for Front Sight's (the firearms trainer in NV) e-mail list.
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Bought the deal iWatch at Macy's and instantly get hit with twice a day spam mail, same for Jaques Penne', unsubscribed on both and it's been spam free since.

Good companies know that continuing to hit people with emails they don't want runs off future customers, I don't blame either for hitting me with spam, since it's the holidays I knew it was coming, but they did stop when asked.

You need a backup email for online purchases and inquiry if they spam you who cares.

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