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Originally posted by rburg:
Originally posted by jimmy123x:
I'm willing to bet you broke both ratchets with a 2' pipe stuck on the end of them for extra leverage.

If they want to exclude things, they should state it up front. Not allow the register clerk make the decision. I'd bet most have never even worked in a garage or used the tools they get to decide upon.

And I have adapters, the ones that let you use a 1/2" socket on a 3/4 drive bar. They say craftsman, so it should be warranted. If they say SnapOn, they sure are warranted.

You should try sometime to get the SnapOn rep to warranty a tool that has been used improperly. It isn't always that easy. Hit a SnapOn screwdriver with a hammer and your warranty is gone.

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I bought a full set of Craftsman tools as a tenager with money I saved up mowing yards.

The only time I tried to warranty one was about 1980. I took in a 1/4 inch ratchet that would slip, not catch the ratchet teeth.
The guy behind the counter, without even taking it from me, said it obviously was abused or it wouldn't have broken... Sorry I can't help you.

I've bought thousands of dollars of tools in the ~40 years since then... none of them Craftsman.

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In May I went in to exchange a 1/2 in socket wrench. They gave me one that looked like it was used as a hammer. I was not impressed and asked for a new replacement because mine was in good shape. They were steaming mad but did pull one off the shelf. The sockets I brought along were not on the shelf but in boxes that needed to be unloaded. So they decided to have them shipped to my house. Probably best to check your tools and get replacements very soon.
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I'd rather have a reconditioned old ratchet in decent shape than a brand new one off the shelf. Almost all the new Craftsman wrenches, ratchets, and sockets are made in China. Older stuff was made in USA.
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