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Nullus Anxietas
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Originally posted by pillboxesghost:
First, dogs bark -- it's what they do. May I suggest to those that that do not like this; GET OVER IT. Your likes and dislikes ain't gonna' change the world.

This isn't about dogs barking. Yes: Dogs bark. We know that. It's about dogs barking incessantly, and their owners doing little or nothing to control it.

No, I ain't gonna "get over it." What I'm going to do is file a nuisance complaint with the municipality and the offending animal's owner is going to get fined.

Repeatedly, if necessary.

One good annoyance deserves another, no?

I don't tolerate being in the vicinity of wailing babies when I'm out trying to have a quiet meal in a decent restaurant, either.

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Originally posted by sigmonkey:
Dogs bark.
Babies cry.
People fart.

Being obnoxious and dismissive of other people is not a God given right.

My decision to have dogs, children or whatnot, does not grant me the privilege to force them on another, least of all my neighbor.

Anyone who thinks that it is OK to do so, is an ass.

And as Forrest Gump sez; "That's all I got to say 'bout that."

As usual, the monkey is wise
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I grew up on a farm with over 150 acres in the middle of nowhere. It was the dog's job to alert us of danger. Now I live in town on a super large lot. We have 3 dogs. They have learned it is not acceptable to bark non-stop.

We have a neighbor, 4 houses down that has no control of his German Shepard & it is extremely rude & inconsiderate of him to let his dog bark non-stop. Problem here is that it is barking while it is inside, while the owner is away at work & we can still hear it 4 houses down!!! Lucky for him that we are not his immediate neighbor. He also use to allow his dog to take big dumps on the grass along in front of our house. I went out & confronted him & told him we don't even allow our own dogs to go in front of our house & that we do have video cameras up to have as evidence if it becomes an issue. I also don't want other people thinking it is us allowing our dogs to make the messes.

Our dogs are E-Collar trained. 1 of them is a protection trained German Shepard. My husband use to work from home. He now works nights. In a residential neighborhood, people need to realize not everyone works a 9-5 job & sleeps at night. People also don't like hearing your choice of music, regardless of the time. That's what headphones/earbuds are for.

My opinion is that a responsible pet parents need to realize, not everyone likes animals & to make sure they are well-trained & well behaved & to clean up after them. I don't think you are being the jerk. I think your neighbor is. I called animal control on a different neighbor 3 times for their 3 pits being loose. The 2 were ok, but the 3rd one would come after me & my dogs. She always yelled at me like I was the jerk. Didn't think her dog did anything wrong. She finally moved. But we now have a new neighbor (different house) with 2 larger dogs & the neighbor across from us & we have noticed an increase in large piles of poop around. Will probably have to have a talk with them too at some point. Geesh people, if you get a dog, you need to clean up after it & teach it stuff.
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I just bark back at them if they become annoying. Big Grin

Upsets the dog resulting in more barking and running around and the neighbor wondering what is going on. Usually they take the dog inside. Eek

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We have lived in the city, with three German shepherds, and never allowed them to bark like that. If we heard them we told them to quit and made sure they stopped. If we were outside with them, same thing. We now live in the country, and the rule has not changed. If I hear the dogs barking, and it doesn’t stop within a few minutes, one of us goes to investigate the reason. The dog comes in then. They learned fairly quickly that we did not like them barking for no reason, and didn’t do it. You can teach most dogs what is allowed and what is not. The fact the neighbor just stood there letting his dog bark nonstop tells me he isn’t teaching him rules. It’s extremely annoying listening to a dog bark like that. Our one neighbor had one dog, and they would let him out unsupervised and he’d bark at nothing for hours. I thought that was extremely rude of him to do this when we took every precaution to not let ours do this. But it’s not the dogs fault, and I would never hurt the dog for doing something it doesn’t know is unacceptable to the humans around him. On the neighbor for not training correctly.
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I live WAY out in the country. The only close neighbor I have is my brother and he has a dog that barks non-stop. I could care less. UNTIL the damn thing comes up in my yard and sits and barks right off of my front deck, which gets my dogs started barking. Then I'd like to shoot the damn thing.

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I'd recommend a bark collar for your neighbor.

And maybe one for his dog, too.

I have my own style of humor. I call it Snarkasm.
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Originally posted by Rey HRH:
Originally posted by Jester814:
It's 20 min in the middle of the day, and he's supervised. Don't see why it's an issue.

That's my thought as well. Even before I had dogs myself, I've never thought it odd that neighbors' dogs would bark.

I hear frogs croaking at night, am I going to complain? They're frogs.

I did hear a neighbor's loud music past 10 pm. I called that in.

Occasional barking in the middle of the day wouldn't bother me unless it was really close to my house. Regular extended barking sessions would bother me. It's considerate. I don't always work regular hours and sometimes need to sleep during the day. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

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