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Originally posted by furlough:
I never had the guts to try the simultaneous sale and purchase. Too many moving parts.

In my case, I didn't have much of an option, unless I wanted to live in an AirBnB, extended stay motel, or short term rental for X number of days/weeks/months in between closings. All of which are more expensive, and less ideal.

Plus, moving sucks! And moving twice sucks twice as much!
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Ahhh, yeah if it was your best option then go for it.

And agree on moving - I will juggle a million moving parts to reduce the number of times I have to move! Enjoy the ONE move!

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The first house i ever bought everything that could go wrong went wrong but it all worked out in the end ,,stayed there 25 years sold for a good price very quickly and the new house just fell into place even better than i ever expected ,,
Im going to give the second realtor some kudos every one involved seemed to have great repect for him I think real
tors might be a little clannish .. Or maybe the planets were aligned just right
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Ol' Jack always says...
what the hell.
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Originally posted by sigcrazy7:
Originally posted by kx90:

The last thing for me was the township inspection...and they said "replace driveway"...8 days before closing, I get the feeling they do that intentionally. There was a bunch of other stuff they are requiring to be done also but the driveway is the big issue (as of right now).

Whoa! Whoa! Hold up. WTF is a Township inspection? I get that it is a city inspection, but are there really places that require you to kiss the ring before selling? Does the Township fix driveways before selling from tax auctions? What happens if you’re short selling and simply don’t have the funds to go through a punch list?
They call it a Use & Occupancy inspection. If they don't approve then they don't issue a Certificate of Occupancy. They can't stop the sale from going through but they can make it so that the new buyer cannot live on the property until all the "issues" are resolved.

In the case of short sales or "as is" properties they put the responsibility on the buyer to get it up to "code" before occupying the residence.

Almost everything they found as "not acceptable" on the list they found "acceptable" when I bought the house six years ago and nothing changed in those six years. Talking to the inspector I got the impression most of the stuff is arbitrary. My favorite was he wrote down that siding needs to be secured on right side of the house, he said that because the cable company ran the coax on the outside he wasn't sure if the siding was properly installed, I asked him if he physically checked to see if it was or wasn't and he said "No, it just appeared that it may not be." Roll Eyes

When I picked the reports up (they leave them in the house for you to find) I was livid. After I talked with my realtor I emailed the entire board of supervisors for the township, who each then contacted the township manager/code enforcement manager. The other municipalities in the area have stopped doing the U&O inspections because they are bullshit. I explained this to the township manager when I spoke with him yesterday. He seemed receptive, but he also said he couldn't do anything about the fact that everything passed back in 2014 even though it was all in the same condition is it now.

Meanwhile, two blocks over there is a house that has half a roof, the other half is covered in blue tarp. Weeds up to the soffit, driveway that looks like it was put down using lava flow, etc. Been that way for years, but that's okay because they aren't trying to sell their house. Roll Eyes
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the room together.
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My house has been on the market for like 6 months now. Got a full price offer, everything was going great. On day of closing, realtor calls and says the buyers financing fell through, and they would be cancelling the contract. The good news was that we got to keep their $3000 deposit.

Back on the market it goes. We receive several offers well below asking price. Finally a decent enough offer, we accept it. Home inspection comes back, carpet bagger buyer wants to renegotiate the price of the home since the roof is 15 years old and the house doesn't have hurricane shutters. (in Florida, in my county, all houses made in the last 20 years must come with hurricane shutters or impact windows). My house has impact windows, but the buyer "insist" that we must pay $8500 to install Hurricane shutters. Not happening dude. My house got a direct impact from Hurricane Charley with 145-165 mph winds and didnt have a scratch on it. Its solid. Im not paying $8500 for shutters that the house doesn't need. And then the buyer asked for $13,000 to put a new roof on. Basically was told to go unfuck himself. Checked his Facebook profile, another leftist loser from New England moving to Florida.

Sigh. Selling is a pain in the ass. Especially when the buyer is a leftist communist idiot that doesnt know shit.

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Ol' Jack always says...
what the hell.
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It is a real pain in the ass especially when there is a third party involved that has no skin in the game whatsoever (ie local government).

Rogue, hope everything goes well for you today. Good luck.

I finally got the townships approval yesterday. Then the clerk in the inspections office just had to try to drag it out more "Well we need to get the approval docs from the inspectors and then I need to write it all up and submit it to the code enforcement manager for review and the sign off, then I'll send the certificate. Figure by Friday sometime." Realtor calledm me yesterday afternoon to say the twp sent everything over. Roll Eyes

Closing is today at 2pm, pick up my check after work...
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