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I've done the job you did a few times, but I sure as hell would've paid $225 and walked or rented a car for 2 days and let someone else do this job. Heat is the proper way to remove it, but also bending the vinyl over and pulling horizontal..........but what a pain in the ass messy job that is, almost as bad as grinding fiberglass....(well maybe not THAT bad).
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We use a heat gun and dry cleaning solvent at work.

Also plastic razor blades are a must.


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Originally posted by sigmonkey:
Time for new contacts.

I thought the title said "cat", and I'm thinking as I click; "What has the Vulrath got himself into now?"

You should have realized by now that I just can't seem to keep myself out of trouble. Razz

It came out beautifully. I didn't find it terribly hard to deal with the stripes as they came off - I accepted that they were going to tear, and just did my best to enusre that they didn't lift the paint up.

Best part: no appreciable fading of the paint. If it wasn't for my not feeling up to polishing the whole car you wouldn't be able to tell. Yeah, I have some paint correction left to do, but that's part of having a 5 year old car.

Bottom line: knowing what I know now, would I have embarked on this misadventure? Yes, but I would have prepared better. I'd have ditched the solvent except for the little stuff at the end, and I wouldn't have bothered with the 3M wheel.

Mars, knowledge of the existence plastic razor blades would have made life infinitely easier. Still, a credit card works quite well in a pinch.

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