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Originally posted by TMats:
Originally posted by NK402:
I put her in the same category as Jane Pauley and Diane Sawyer. They all seem to be killing time with us little people, while waiting for the limo to leave for the Hamptons. People in that business will do or say anything to keep their name before the public. I was particularly turned off by Couric giving interviews to various outlets concerning, the deaths of both her husband and her sister from cancer. Nothing is too personal, that it can't be used for publicity.

I have no use for Couric. Don’t care for Diane Sawyer either. I don’t have a real issue with Jane Pauley, but she’s probably said or done something that would piss me off about her too.

My issue with Jane Pauley stems from an appearance she made on the Letterman show. Letterman had some electronic device that made everyone's voice sound like they were breathing helium, the Donald Duck effect. It was pretty funny and everyone on the panel was cracking up every time they spoke, all but Jane Pauley. She refused to open her mouth as if it were all beneath her dignity.
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It's a funny bit even with Ms. Lead Balloon.

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I did enjoy once watching Diane Sawyer introduce James Taylor on the Today Show. They were doing a week about train travel and James Taylor was to sing the Glen Campbell standard, Wichita Lineman, about a telephone lineman. Diane introduced him by saying, "...and now for train buffs everywhere.." No, Diane, the song is not about a train lineman!
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NBC pulled her out of "retirement " and sent her to Pyong Chang, thereby pissing off Megan Kelly, who felt she would go. Smile

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is circumspective
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Since this thread has expanded to other women in the field, I believe Lesley Stahl deserves a mention as well.
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I guess, this would include 'everyday assholes' like Mika Brzezinski


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I haven't had any use for KC for at least 15 years, and after the VCDL interview, although she may not have been personally involved in the selective editing lie, it is in the negative.
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Originally posted by MitchbSC:
VCDL Exposes Katie Couric’s Documentary Scandal

To hell with her.

In Katie's voice: "If you ain't Upper East Side Manhattan, you ain't shit. Well maybe you are shit. You fly-over state subhumans are shithole dwellers. I am more sophisticated than you will ever aspire to be. You do what I say."

the irony is that she's from Northern Virginia. A good friend of mine worked with her brother John back in the late 1990's.
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I believe L'il Katy got her break when she was noticed by an Army General (black hat) and was sorta taken under his wing doing war news.

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She was a lot more entertaining with an endoscope up her ass. Been downhill ever since.

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She actually had to apologize to the Dutch...

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