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1) No you are not out of line,
2) she did you a favor as my bet is if she did get your generous donation, she would have complained the items were:
a) worn,
b) broken,
c) wants them replaced.
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Spectemur Agendo
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That's super irritating, but you probably dodged a bullet. She probably would have cut herself on a utensil while reaching into the box and then sued you for not affixing a warning label or something equally stupid.

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Par for the course for their age group. Free ain’t good enough. To her, she is doing you a favor by taking your stuff for free so you should damn well meet her time demands.

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It is not fair to generalize to the entire group of millenials. The ones that I know are members of the blue collar work force, the military and others who have been raised by parents who have taught them appropriate social skills. The person you describe has some serious issues.
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You are not out of line. Consider it a blessing. Had she stayed friends, something worse may have happened.
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Go ahead punk, make my day
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After years of having boxes of stuff people were going to "come right over to get", we now give friends until the end of the week Friday to come pick up free shit. Doesn't matter if it's Monday or Friday night.

Saturday morning it either goes to Goodwill, in recycling, or in the trash.

I really don't care which.
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His Royal Hiney
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Screw your girlfriend's girlfriend (not literally).

You're definitely not out of line. I'm thinking they just want pure cash, not actual stuff that's useful.

I can understand if you're trying to give stuff to people who already has their stuff. But, as you said, they don't have this stuff. At least, they could have taken it and threw away what they didn't want or donate it.

We're in the process of extreme downsizing and we've given away or donated stuff. Out of all the items, I've sold only two items so far, just because I know no one really wants them but the ones that do, would be glad to pay a minimal price.

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Oriental Redneck
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Ok, so tell me if I am out of line here...

I read and read again your post, and I looked and looked. I just couldn't find anything "out of line" from you. Am I missing something here? All I see is a crazy effing bitch that does not deserve your generous donation. Mad
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