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Originally posted by bobandmikako:
The Bridgestones that came on my last 4Runner were crap.

I wore out a set of lackluster OEM tires with a Tacoma before replacing them. When I sold it and got a 4Runner I put BF Goodrich All Terrain T/A KO2 straight off & sold the ones it came with on Craigslist to a guy who met me at the installer, gave me $200 and we both drove off happy.
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I like to research for when the OEM tires are due, for better quality.

I just got some Michelins for our CR-V at 33k. Next is our Silverado, have them picked out already too. Original tires are usually in the just O.K. dept.
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Do you have a local discount tire? they usually run sales/rebates.
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To me this is just one more reason I will never waste money on a new car that may need an additional $1000 right off the bat and still drop 50% of its value in the first few years. Tires are a major negotiating point when I buy a good used vehicle. That being said my Dad bought a new truck about 12 years ago and the salesman sealed the deal by switching a set of Michelin’s onto the truck he was buying.
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I have made a tire/wheel swap a condition on taking delivery on a car from a dealer. If you've already signed the papers you are probably out of luck, but they can't shoot you for asking. (way back I used to race SCCA and moderate the tire and wheel forum on a popular sportscar website, I am a bit... particular... about tires))

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