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Originally posted by V-Tail:
Originally posted by joatmonv:
Originally posted by YooperSigs:
I have tried the photo hosting thing. Never worked for me.
Same here or my pictures come out way to small no matter what I do.
Have you tried PostImage?

Free, very easy to use, free, you can specify the photo size when you upload it, and it’s free.

Try it. Did I mention that it’s FREE?

I have V-Tail. I can make a link I guess but as stated, it's another click to get to the picture.
I've seen posts by members here with multiple pictures that show up as soon as I open the thread. I guess that's beyond me. Possibly a different photo hosting site.

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As a "public service," here's a slightly dated Youtube video version of how to post images using postimage:

You can look at the very top of the page when you go to their website, and can choose "Upload" to upload from your computer, or "Upload by URL" to move an image from another page on the internet to this site. I find it easiest to right click the image I want to post and choose "open in new tab," then copy the new tab's URL info and use the "Upload by URL" function. YMMV.


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I generally chuckle at the threads with "pics available upon request" that have been bumped by the OP for weeks or months, which often seem to end with "nevermind, withdrawn." It happens more than once in a while. Not unoften, accompanied by a stupid asking price.

It feels like so much "I dunno what to tell you, Honey, I listed it on Sigforum and it was up for (however long) and nobody even emailed me! The market's really soft right now. Nobody's buying anything." I mean, if you wanna sell something, then try and sell it. Roll Eyes

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Or even better, ones like this. You only get ONE photo - get over it.

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Email me at if you want a photo.

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