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For more than 5 minutes?
If so, how?

I know she is on our side , and an admirable person.

I try five times a week.

But .... damn!

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safe & sound
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Dana Loesch? She was a local girl. I stopped listening when she started bashing Trump every 5 seconds.

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Same here, enjoyed her show on 97.1 in STL, then she began to get a little crazy. Went full on batshit crazy when she joined Glenn Beck.

Blaming the crime on the gun, is like blaming a bad story on the pencil.
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Oriental Redneck
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Dana. Can't stand her voice/speech for more than 5 minutes. Comes across sounding like a valley girl and a lightweight.
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Her torque settings are on the high side.

"Pen & Sword as One"
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His diet consists of black
coffee, and sarcasm.
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I don't know anything about her show. I don't care for her exaggerated claims about a "super food" (itself an exaggerated claim) she hawks called "Super Beets."
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