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Originally posted by RHINOWSO:
I only stay w the debil / ATT because the have the most consistent wireless service across the USA in the places I go for work.

We use their home internet service because it is also better in our area, however cutting the cord with their DirectTV and phone service was like a trip to hell.

“I got your home phone bill to $15/mo, why wont you stay?”

“Why should I pay you $15 for something I NEVER use”

<<<crickets crickets>>>

“I’m sorry we couldnt ‘save’ you...”

I had a similar call about 9 months ago w ATT when I cancelled my home phone as well. They got the bill down to $10 but I literally never used it. I finally got them to cancel the phone after what seemed like a 30 min call.
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In my years I've dealt with many, many vendors of products and services, both professionally and privately. The thing that calls itself "at&t" these days is, without exception, the worst company with which I've ever dealt in either context. (It's not really AT&T. It's SBC renamed to AT&T.)

They bollixed things up so badly at my ex-employer's, one time, they ended-up accessing themselves an $8,000 penalty. I've had many happy days in my life. Two of the happiest were the days I told the thing that calls itself "at&t" to bugger off and never darken my doorstep again: First at work, then at home.

I would only ever use "at&t" if: 1. I needed the service and 2. There were no other choices. (At which point I'd re-access whether [1] was really "need" or merely "want.")

Absolutely horrible company.

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Well, I have received my first notice from a collections agency. I knew this was coming and decided to call them. Of course they wanted me to pay the bill, but after a long explanation they stated they would recontact AT&T to see if the balances were wiped out due to the fact that services were cancelled within the 14 day period.

I figured it would be worth one more two hour phone session to call AT&T gain to ensure everything was taken care of. Lo and behold I was able to get a hold of US customer support agent who made sure that all balances were taken care of and assured me that there will be no more notices of unpaid balances.

It only took 55+ hours of my time and 3 months to correct an issue that AT&T created. I can only hope that this is truly over.

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I hired on with Southern Bell, which became Bell South and then AT&T and retirement. About six months ago I left Comcast after 30 some odd years and went with AT&T. I was repeatedly told that the price would never increase, it would always remain the same. Here we are six months later and received an increased bill. I called AT&T finally got to speak with a person who's first language was not English. I was told to pay the bill or loose my service. I'm thinking about my next move. Apparently, my 36 + years of service mean nothing. Dean
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It took me 8 months 5 phone calls, 6 office visits, and 3 collections notices to finally rid myself from Entouch. It all started with cancelling autopay only, and not the whole service to begin with.

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