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Originally posted by petr:

Have you tried here?

Yeah, so Graf Canada is totally out of business. They shut their doors in April of 2016. Someone posted their outstanding AP on a hockey forum - I think it was about $3 million with $2.4 million of that amount owed to Graf Europe. The remaining balance isn't a terrible amount of debt when you think about what it takes to run a company, but I suppose the European 'mothership' just wanted to cut their losses and be done with it. Sucks for us on the other side of the pond, though.

It's been a while since I've ordered skates (last time I ordered, I bought three pairs) but I heard Graf was having issues with quality control over the past few years. I get it - Graf was based in western Canada. I imagine it was hard to get a guy to come make skates when he could go out and earn oil field money. That being said, I never had issues with the quality. Things were itty bitty tanks.

I looked at VH last night but I'd rather stick with Graf if I can. I know Graf works well for me. I spend so much time in my skates from September to May that I'd rather stick with what I know. I'm also really fussy. If Graf Europe doesn't work I might consider giving VH a shot. But the only "reviews" are from people selling the skates, not really the general public. Still, I suppose VH would be better than the alternative.

First world problems, eh?

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Shoes/boots present a real problem.
My feet have NO metatarsal arch, very flat, and are size 14B.
Usually wear military footwear.
Anyone know of a thin orthotic which would accommodate my pancake like feet?
The custom orthotics I have are too thick to comfortably fit in some shoes.
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Ah, your a girl. Now I get it and you're absolutely right. My wife is wee as well. Who the hell makes women's clothes?! I don't see a lot of anorexic 6 foot tall women around. Can't normal people (like yourself) have a choice on the clothes rack? I, by the way am 6 foot 0 but with 6'5" arms. If a shirt fits my arms, the tail goes way past the crotch. Very amusing at the urinal. good luck Gong Show

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Originally posted by jhe888:
Originally posted by 46and2:
Try finding boxers with enough room... nearly impossible.

Big Grin


Just tape it down.

A coworker, Korea era army, told about a guy in his unit that did just that. Bandaged it to his leg every morning. He said it was a full foot long, flaccid! Wonder if he wished he was *normal* sized!

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As a 5' 6" 140# male, I understand the problem. Size 7.5 shoe (most mens start at 8). Most stores get about 2 size medium and 2 dozen XL shirts. I was actually thrilled when I got to a 30" waist so I could buy dress pants from the men's department.

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normal people kinda get on my nerves, most of them really do not realize just how good they have it.

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