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Please bear with me while I regale you with a true story from my distant past.

When I was in college, I obtained a part time job working at a gas station. Back then, the gas station employee pumped the gasoline, cleaned the customers' windshields, checked the fluids under the hood, and checked and corrected the air pressure in the customers' tires. Finally, the employee would act as a cashier and make change for the customer. I bet millennials can hardly even imagine it! I had worked at other gas stations doing these same duties, and I had learned a method of accounting to prove to myself, and to my employer that I had incurred no losses during my shift. Before starting my shift, I would take an inventory of anything I might sell to a customer such as windshield wiper blades, air filters, quarts of oil, etc., and I would write down the readings from the gas pumps which showed both the amount of dollars in gasoline sold, as well as the number of gallons. I would also count all of the cash in my till just before I took over. At the end of my shift, I would do the same thing, and I could then make sure that I had not made any mistakes in making change, etc.

So, I started at my new gas station job, and to my shock, there was no accounting measures AT ALL. No pump readings, no inventory, not even a reckoning with regard to how much cash was in the till before I started or after I completed my shift. I wondered how this could be. An employee could steal money from the cash drawer, and there would be absolutely no way to pin point where the loss was coming from. I worked there for about two weeks, when one of the older employees came back from his vacation. He thought the world of our employer, and sang his praises. Then, he confided in me and told me that the previous year, the employer's accountant stated that there had been financial losses totaling almost $20,000.00! That was A LOT of money back then! Seriously, that was a ton of money for the era. I replied and told him I was surprised at the amount, but I wasn't surprised there were losses, and he wanted to know why. So, I explained to him the process I had learned at other locations, and that because none of those processes were utilized at this location, I wasn't surprised that one of the employees might fall to temptation to steal a little cash from time to time - since there would be no way to figure out who it was. Well, he was appalled. He explained that every employee that worked at that shop was loyal to the employer, and that maybe at other locations, people might steal from their employer, but not here!

A couple of weeks later, the spring semester of school was over, and the employer had his young nephew come to work for the summer. At that same time, I had worked there long enough that I felt comfortable about running the idea past my employer about instituting the method of accounting I had employed at my former job. At the end of my shift, I walked into my employer's office and asked if I could discuss something with him, and he was glad to listen. So, I explained how we used to do things at my former job, and he cut me off in mid-sentence and asked, "You mean taking pump readings and all that stuff?" I replied yes, and he immediately cut me off again and said, "I don't want to make my employees go through all that stuff." The tone with which he said that indicated that he thought it was all unnecessary, etc. So, I asked him if he would mind if I did it just for myself so that I could be sure I wasn't making any blunders handling cash, etc., and he replied, "Sure - knock yourself out."

I left his office wondering why a business owner wouldn't want to know EXACTLY where his money was going, but decided it's not my business, so I would just do it my way for my own peace of mind. Once I was out of ear shot from the office, the employer's nephew approached me, and he was pissed! He said, "If you fuck this up, I'll kick your ass!" You see, it never occurred to me that the losses were due to the nephew - the blood relative of the employer! In a split second, my mind raced from one realization to another. No, it wasn't due to incompetence on the part of any of the guys who felt about the employer like they would a loving father - no, it's plain old THEFT on the part of the nephew.

Now, nobody would ever describe me as a bad ass. I'm just not. But, my disgust was so intense for this guy, that I stepped toward him, got about 6 inches from his face, and told him he was a worthless piece of shit. "Stealing from your own flesh & blood! You're an asshole supreme! Just stay out of my way from now on - you disgust me to no end!" A little spittle accidentally flew out of my mouth and onto his face as I growled at him, then I turned and walked away. I could tell he was quite shocked at my reaction because as I said, there's nothing "bad ass" about me. But, sometimes when a person is absolutely disgusted, they'll do something unpredictable.

So, you're wondering why I am taking you down this memory lane of mine? Because I see the Democrats and their unrelenting hatred for Trump no matter how well he does by the American people in the same way I saw that disgusting nephew. When he overheard me trying to help my employer find a way to pinpoint where the losses were coming from, he IMMEDIATELY hated my guts more than anyone else in the world. He sincerely HATED me because for the last 2 summers, he had been stealing large amounts of cash, and here I was threatening that wonderful set up he was enjoying.

Why can't people see the obvious - that the Democrat Party is the nephew? Look at Obama. President for 8 years, at a salary of:

(From Wikipedia: ) Since 2001, the president's annual salary has been $400,000, along with a: $50,000 expense allowance; $100,000 nontaxable travel account, and $19,000 entertainment account.

So, how was Obama able to purchase a 14.85 million dollar home in Martha's Vineyard a few months ago? And, that's just one example of all the Democrats who go into politics worth hundreds of thousands, and end up with many millions. They're all "the employer's nephew."

Then, the folks who vote Democrat just act as puppets of the media and believe everything they tell them - namely to hate Trump because "Orange Man Bad." It is those idiots that are keeping Trump from truly making America great again.

Okay, I thank Para for providing this part of the forum. Just typing this all out acts a bit like a catharsis.

I found what you said riveting.
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On the DL
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Originally posted by synthplayer:

how was Obama able to purchase a 14.85 million dollar home in Martha's Vineyard a few months ago?
I am definitely not a fan of his, but is it possible that his income now is more than it was as president? Speaking engagements, etc.? I actually have no idea what kind of money he is bringing in now, just making a wild guess.
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The Unmanned Writer
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Originally posted by V-Tail:
Originally posted by synthplayer:

how was Obama able to purchase a 14.85 million dollar home in Martha's Vineyard a few months ago?
I am definitely not a fan of his, but is it possible that his income now is more than it was as president? Speaking engagements, etc.? I actually have no idea what kind of money he is bringing in now, just making a wild guess.

Plus his name and previous job description allowed the loan to be processed and not so much proof of current income.

Only in an insane world are the sane considered insane.

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The details don’t matter, friends. It’s the repeated, predictable ability of these swamp-dwellers to parlay their time in public office into vast wealth, or if they’re not clever enough—-thinking Harry Reid here—into unreasonable wealth. Why should companies pay them large sums for speaking engagements? No speech is worth $50,000; it’s “juice”. Books? And for the Obamas—a Netflix deal worth what, hundreds of millions?

Meanwhile, Trump I believe is down about a billion so far, and he gives away his salary.

“We seem to be getting closer and closer to a situation where nobody is responsible for what they did but we are all responsible for what somebody else did.”--Thomas Sowell
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Assuming her name is on the mortgage Wink seems that they have enough money from the two book deals to buy a $14 million house, maybe they do not have to even touch this money? You know just live off the speaking engagements money for expenses.

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Trump will be leaving office in 2025 with less money than he entered it. Almost every other politician leaves office richer than when they started. See Bernie Sanders, Bill Clinton, Obama, et al. Trump is donating his ENTIRE presidential salary, yet they claim he's trying to enrich himself through the office.


Sic Semper Tyrannis
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Don't Panic
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Originally posted by LS1 GTO:
Plus his name and previous job description allowed the loan to be processed and not so much proof of current income.

I'd suspect it's more like he applied to a bank that is dependent on goodwill from Washington, and which didn't want to risk any potential repercussions from having turned him down.

Not saying he might not have illegally profited from his stint. When you have a 'pen and a phone' there are a lot of people who might be willing to keep you happy if approached in the 'right' way.

But so far I haven't heard of anything specific being alleged. Without some specific suspicions, there won't be any investigations, and without investigations, we'll never know for certain. So my guess is that they found some bank who wanted brownie points with the community-organizer brigade.
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There are times when a former politician is able to purchase a property for pennies on the $$$$ because a supporter buys it and resells it to them.

“Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves.”
― Ronald Reagan

The postings on this site are my own and do not necessarily represent the positions, strategies or opinions of my employer.
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