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I don't understand this frequently seen line in threads. I see it all the time on here. Why don't people just write I'm too lazy to post a picture, or I am afraid to try to learn something new? It's really quite easy to post a picture and takes under a minute. If you have a smart phone, iPad or a computer you can post a picture. The only people who can legitimately say they can't is someone with none of the above devices. Otherwise you should just say the truth, I don't feel like posting a picture.

13121 is offering a silly generous karma on here, he requested, but didn't make it a condition to enter the karma that you post a picture of Americana. It amazed me how many couldn't take the time to post one. Those that did, wow, awesome pictures guys. I wasn't going to enter the karma, but then I got drawn in looking at everyone's pictures. The thread has been visited by me 20+ times at this point. So many awesome patriotic pictures, or ones that sum up America (or a slice of it) in a few thousand pixels.

I am offering anyone who doesn't know how to post a picture or think that the knowledge is unobtainable the keys to the kingdom. I will come back later and tell everyone how to do this simple task this evening. I can take a picture and with in thirty seconds have it posted on here. For anyone who doesn't understand the steps I will allow you to email/call me and I will walk you step by step through the process.

You can attain this knowledge I promise, not only that, there will be no pain or hard work involved.


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