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IDK.....I have driven in the pouring rain and have appreciated those on the road with blinking lights. It probably kept me from following them to closely. In reality, they should get off the road.No big deal for me

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Thank you
Very little
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List of States Driving with your Flashers on laws

Confusion on the law is easily explained, lots of states allow, many don't.

Most northern states allow it, most southern states don't, example New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Michigan, and my favorite,

Ohio, where Hazard light use is not permitted while driving except when a hazardous condition is present.

Explains a lot about Ohio drivers...

Anyway It's not Legal in FL, but we get tons of people from the above listed states, especially in the Winter, when they leave their nests and come here in search of heat, sand, shuffle board, rocking chairs and low taxes..

That's probably why you find a lotta folk in FL in the rain illegally running flashers, since they can back where they are from.

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Originally posted by trapper189:
Serious question to which I don't know the answer:

I realize it's legal to drive with your flashers on, but why? What is the issue?

There's been numerous times I haven't been able to see the cars in front of me in the rain even with their taillights on. Their taillights just aren't bright enough. I've never had trouble seeing people with their flashers on.

The on/off operation effects other drivers vision (strobe effect).
A true hazard...

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Shit gets real in the rain quick. I think the main problem is people can’t see out their windshield because they dont change their damn wipers!

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