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As the thread title implies, it was a happy and sad day today. I was having tears of joy (figuratively, mostly) for the Judge (now Justice) Kavanaugh confirmation, but just about an hour later I was have tears of sadness (literally) for the death of someone I knew.

The deceased lived around the corner from our church. Although he didn't attend, he always came over and helped out if we had anything going on outside. In early September, he went to investigate a car wreck that happened at the RR crossing about a block away from his home and the church.

He was trying to be a good samaritan, but unfortunately the occupants of the car were fleeing the law. The driver demanded the good samaritan's cell phone, and when it wasn't surrendered, commenced to stab the good samaritan numerous times with a hunting knife with a 7 inch blade. They escaped the scene and were caught a few miles away. Someone else came on the scene and got medical attention to the good samaritan.

The kicker here is that the 32 YO assailant was an ex-con, who had just been bailed out of jail 2 days earlier on a burglary charge (WTF?), but decided he wanted to rob some friends with his 16 YO boy "friend". That's where they were running from when they wrecked.

Our friend lingered for 5 weeks and passed away last night. The local DA is now looking to put Capital Murder charges on the assailant and his friend, who will be tried an as adult.

Sorry for the long story.
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Those five weeks must have been awful for him. My condolences.

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Very sorry for the loss of your friend. Frown

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