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My personal favorite is the fake you out signal. Turn on right blinker, then sharply turn left.
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Originally posted by jhe888:
I hate it when they turn on the blinkers only AFTER they start their turn. They use them as a device to explain what they are doing, not as a device to warn you of what they will do.

By that point it's pretty obvious what they're doing, so the signals are superfluous.
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Originally posted by egregore:
Almost as bad are the people who leave them on

Guilty as charged (maybe not for miles)...when I drive my Tacoma I never leave them on (the warning is loud and the display is late wife's RAV4 is much more subtle) and I have left it flashing for to long...

I ALWAYS feel like such a dick when I do this because I know how much it annoys me when somebody else does this...

But then again...according to family and friends...I have become pretty much a dick as of late Big Grin


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Blinkers aren't optional equipment? Big Grin

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Yeah, me too.

Just got back from town, saw at least 40-50 cars changing lanes, turning left or right without any indication of signaling.

Probably half of those cars were driven by some idiot with his/her face stuck in their smartphone.

The state gubbermint here passed a law outlawing the use of phones, etc (by the driver) while driving. That asshole klintonista gubberner we had vetoed it.


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Detailed explanation of cost associated with using blinkers. He covers the petrol pretty good, for some unknown reason completely skips over blinker fluid cost. Not sure how any intelligent study of the matter could leave it out of the conversation?

Link to original video:


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