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I need to vent a little...

I have 4 dogs, 2 e-list rescues, 1 that was a stray that no one claimed and my daughter's princess of a Boston Terrier with her bossy personality and dragon breath.

Rescue number 1 is "my dog" and was pulled off an e list almost 2 years ago. When I went to see her she, unlike all the other shelter dogs just laid in her pen, wouldn't come near us and just looked terrified. I had them pull her and we went outside where she stayed as far away from me as she could. I told my daughter and wife that I was taking her because if i didn't she was dead and I had a feeling.

Her backstory was one of horrible abuse and neglect. Brought into shelter 2X, once as a stray and the other as an owner surrender after someone had her for 3 months. She has broken teeth and is afraid of just about everything, barks for no reason whatsoever but she gets along with the other dogs and loves the shit out of me. After two years she still has trust issues and will show teeth if she gets scared (has nipped me a couple of times).

I was sitting underneath the dining room table this morning giving her her morning belly run and for some reason it really got me that some asshole(s) hurt this poor dog so badly that she still remembers the pain, she still remembers being given up and forgotten about and I wish I could find whoever did this to her, thank them for the fact I have her now then choke the living shit out of them so they know fear and pain.

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Well, good on you for taking her home.
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my wife got a little chi-pin who was obviously very abused, she even has a lame front leg to show for it. we have had her years and she still has trust issues. she is wonderful little dog. i agree on wanting to have a few minutes alone with her abuser to get some payback. but hey, we are the lucky ones and have these creatures in our lives. good on ya!
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I'm sure adoption doesn't work for 10/10 people, but I could never understand how people buy dogs when there are so many amazing adoptable ones out there that need homes. My wife does a lot of volunteer work with the SPCA and sees horrible things every day she is there.

This is a really cool organization that does some amazing things. They pull dogs from kill shelters, then put them through the same training PTSD purebred dogs go through, then are given to wounded vets.


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