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Originally posted by henryaz:
I believe most people would be shocked to see the lists being traded/sold on the Dark Web. Credit card numbers, names, addresses, phone numbers, SSNs, and more.

Which is why I have credit reporting locked at all three major agencies, at an agency that performs a similar service for checking/savings accounts, and a fifth agency that does much the same for utilities, and have recently signed my wife and I up for identity theft detection/protection.

Originally posted by henryaz:
Apple Pay is definitely secure, due to random numbers generated for each transaction, and I use it wherever it is accepted, and tend to choose merchants for that reason.

Same here, and for the same reason.

Originally posted by henryaz:
Still, I always shudder when I have to swipe a card to get gas.


Originally posted by Pipe Smoker:
My Shell station put in new pumps a couple of weeks ago with upgraded credit card readers and display, but still no chip reader.

That's simply inexcusable

Originally posted by tsmccull:
Our local Kroger gas stations just swapped out their mag strip readers on the pumps for chip readers.

Good on them!

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Originally posted by 12131:
but you can take steps to limit your exposure.

Sure, it seems like everyone is doing something to minimize the risk. But, the point is, if you have a CC and live long enough, you will get hacked.

I have a Chase credit card and it seems I get hacked once a year. It's happened so often that it's kind of an annual ritual. Mad


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