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We bought new towels about two years ago and gave all the old towels to an animal shelter. Now were have the bathroom redone and will get new towels to match.

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As a single dude, the matching thing is not needed.
Mine are 10 years old. I bought them as a set with face towels and wash cloths. The wash cloths wore out a while back. Everything else is good to go.

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Mine get replaced whenever my wife says so. I have delegated that task to her!

I'd say we are getting a fresh batch at least yearly of the big fluffies, and I don't ask the price.
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You can usually look at them and tell, from what I've seen.

Best thing I did was get oversized dark colored towels for myself. I shave with a razor and occasionally do nick myself. Got tired of being slapped around for getting the bright white towels bloody...
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Still using the ones we got when we got married 16 years ago. The wife will usually buy some new ones if she redecorates the bathroom so it looks "pretty", but they never get used for anything other than decoration.

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I use what's there. Occasionally I'll notice an old one disappears from my gym use stack and is replaced by one I used to use for showers. Wife always has a nice one and there's an unspoken agreement that she uses nice ones and I use whatever looks haggard and worn. As long as it doesn't take skin with it I don't give a rip.
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They're pretty good to have around for the occasional giant water spill or in-home 'Lucy' show debacles of some kind or another. I then use mine for drying off cars just washed at home. That's next to the end of the line for me. Then they start doing dirtier and dirtier jobs that culminate in car repairs. Like men with their underwear, they begin to disintegrate. Once they lose the properties of a solid, I throw them away. Or just open a window and blow them away like dandelion spores.
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Old! My wife gets her moneys worth out of things. We do have new sets for when company comes though.

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Originally posted by PHPaul:
Originally posted by darthfuster:
The older the better. New towels don't seem to dry. They just spread the water around.

Laundry tip: DO NOT use fabric softener when washing OR drying bath towels. Leaves a coating that repels water.

Great tip...

Also, only wash/dry towels together. No other articles.

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4.5 years old and still going strong. White as can be and still fluffy.

Old towels in my house become dog towels then shop towels.
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The more worn in they get, the better they soak up water.
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I got 2 dozen big ones from Kohls maybe 5 years back. I dont seem to wear them out.
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There seems to be a "sweet spot" where the towels are absorbent and work really well then they taper off with age wear etc.

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I guess I feel better. I've been divorced almost 6 years now, but some of my towels we got at our wedding shower back in '97. Smile
BTW: I still have her list of stuff she wanted from the house. Basically it was anything of value....but what stood out to me was "all the matching towels".
Unrelated, but I wound up with the matching towels, the house they were stored in, AND the kids that still use them.
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How hilarious. Wife dragged me to Kohl's this afternoon to by new ones.

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