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Little tiny orange pills, my blood pressure goes up every time I drop one! I'm sure they could use some inert substance to make it normal sized! That is all.

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Who else?
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So they don't get caught in the arteries. Big Grin
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Mine ain’t orange. Harder to find when you drop one.

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When I was taking Lisinopril the ones I was getting were white and as you said small and hard to find sometimes when dropped.
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Just don't open the bottle near a sink! Even if it's not small enough to go right down the drain, they will start dissolving when they hit any "wet".

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My bitch is why are metformin tablets so big? I almost can't swallow them. And they increased my lisinopril dose, so the pull is bigger now, at least big enough to see.
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Notary Sojac
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Mine are blue hexagon shaped. But, yes they are small.

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Mine are pink.

I hope that doesn't mean they were manufactured in India.... Eek

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If they made tablets the right size, they could be packaged in a PEZ-type dispenser. That would prevent some "hide-and-go-seek" games for me.

The pills shouldn't be round, either, because they have a homing device hidden in them that guides them under the stove.

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Screw size issues. I have problems with side effects especially with stuff like Gleevec (imatinib) and before that Sprycel. Frown Frown Frown

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In pharmaceutical manufacturing, making a small orange pill allows more pills to be made which increases profit line vs a large orange pill. Inert ingredients can run up the production cost of a generic drug. That can be death to the product line manager.

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had the same problem a few months ago with one of my many medications after I got out of the 'horse pistol' had never done meds or even vitamins before this... one of the meds was the damnedest smallest pill I'd ever seen,,,, after a few weeks they (doctors) fixed this and double the dose and the new ones were three times as big.... Oh joy!
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I use a cookie sheet/pan on the counter when dispensing meds. if it drops ,I can hear it and it will not roll off the counter

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They are little. I have found that I missed my mouth with one when taking my am meds.
But it's better than a horse pill !
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I take Fosinopril which is similar to Lisinopril and they are tiny too. As for why is Metformin so big, if you knew all the ingredients in the pill, it needs to be huge. I am in the industry and work in manufacturing. As a matter of fact,I worked with Metformin today, nasty stuff.
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My Crestors are very small. Same as Flexerils. Very easy to drop and not find.
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Took me less than 2 weeks from the original post to lose my first Lisinopril.
Think it rolled under my fridge. All the other times I've dropped one, it landed on the kitchen counter. Not this time though.

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Because somewhere out there there's a little old lady who's gonna try to cut them in half and save the other half for lunch tomorrow?


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