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I have had (that I remember) cashiers at Academy and Cabela's just verbally ask me my DOB for ammo. Depending on my mood, I sometimes give them the real year. Razz
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I use this, can't remember what comedian I stole it from:

Clerk: "What's your birthday?"

V-Tail: "January 11th."

Clerk: "What year?"

V-Tail: "My birthday is January 11th every year."

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These big chain stores Have Policies. Technically-speaking, every clerk is supposed to follow those policies every single time. No exceptions. If the policy states "You have to card everybody for such-and-such purchase," then that's what they're supposed to do no matter how apparently ridiculous. Some do, and, when they do, I understand why. Some do not, and I understand that, too. Only know that, if they're being watched, and they're caught not following policy, they may get nicked for it.

I'm a rule-follower. If I worked at such a store, I'd be one of the ones you'd be bitching about Smile

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Last week, cataract surgery, last check before being rolled to the OR:

NURSE: Can you tell me your name and date of birth?

ME: Yes. Smile

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I card people with wrinkles all the time. I'm supposed to. Your inconvenience because you left your ID in your car or at home doesn't peg my "give a crap" meter because I, like so many others working a till have been instructed to ID everyone who looks like they're anything shy of the Crypt-keeper. And that, I do, because I like having a job, my money, and my freedom. And yes, that now includes lighters and matches and yes, you can all gasp at that, too. Some people manage to get incredibly wound up over this stuff, and the next person in line simply smiles, hands over their ID and we move on with our lives with a minimum of fuss.

If I sell to anyone in a sting, not only does the store get fined thousands, we may lose our licenses to sell various things, and I'll also get fined thousands, charged, and fired as well. I'm not going to risk that just because you so nicely took an attitude with me for me doing my job. Smile

You are grown adults. Carry your ID's with you. All I can think when a customer huffs off to their car to get their ID while proclaiming "I'm 45 fucking years old, why do I need to have my ID to buy some beer?" is "You're bragging about how you ought to be old enough to know better, and that's lost on you."
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Hmmm, I have bought several knives over the last few months, and none of them for the kitchen.

Never been carded. Maybe it is a "state thing".


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Now you're getting carded to make sure you qualify for the senior discount.

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Originally posted by Kskelton:
A couple years ago I got carded at a rated R movie. I’m only 30, but still... who gets carded at the movies? Obviously me

I didnt know that was a thing. I'm 24. Never been asked.

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I don't have a problem being carded and all stores around here have a policy to card everyone for anything age restricted since it makes no sense to leave the decision to an employee to make the call considering the significant consequences of non compliance. I never get mad at the employee, just the asshole holding up the line bitching about being inconvenienced. Roll Eyes

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did you tell them that you know me?

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