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The Constable
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Unsure if there were other physical issues, with the victim. But still. Why even start such a hike without either ENOUGH water, or a plan for resupply at some point?
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Members of groups led by professionals or other “experts” frequently suffer from the failings of those whom they’re depending upon. In my small county I am aware of at least one lethal avalanche triggered by a pro guide. Often people having trouble keeping up on hikes or Nordic skiing treks have been left behind by the rest of the group, or permitted to turn around and try to find their way back on their own. In one memorable incident in the dead of winter a large church group of mostly eighth-graders was allowed to fragment and were scattered over miles of mountainside terrain before they all were found long after dark. That was one incident in which I was convinced there would be fatalities and it was only by pure chance that there weren’t.

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Originally posted by FN in MT: I'm sure I'm becoming less tolerant, but I think the general populace is becoming even stupider and more clueless.

I think it's domestication. People don't realize how dangerous things can be, even with safety measures and practical experience under their belts.

I know of a local tech company that thought it would be "fun" to climb a local mountain with no training. They did have a qualified guide, which probably saved a number of lives.

Three people in their party fell into an ice crevice. EMS managed to get them out but they came close to checking out for good.

Stranger still, a friend of mine goes out hiking and decides to take a sabbatical from life (as he called it) by falling asleep under a tree. He had a horde of volunteers out looking for him when he was three days overdue.

Yeah, I call it domestication.

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People really just don't pay attention, take risks without thinking. With almost 40 years boating on the Atlantic in the NJ area, I saw some pretty stupid stuff. We helped folks that made poor decisions out more than once.

Then I moved to SW Utah and am pretty active, belong to several outdoor groups. The things you hear about astound me. Last week a fellow went for a 2 hour hike, got lost, had one bottle of water, no food, wearing shorts and a shirt! Temps got close to freezing, he was found alive 4 days later!


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And I fully admit:
I was in Florida doing some flats fishing when the guide called our attention to twin waterspouts moving in our direction.
It went from really fun to really scary really quick! So things can sneak up on you.
Prior to this I wondered why flats boats had such huge outboards. Now I know.

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in CA they liked to climb out on the cliffs near the ocean , and of course they go around two barriers to get out as far as they can go ,

three hours later you see the rescue people out there with 4 tons of climbing gear and then the Helo shows up to provide a spotlight , because its dark now.

In Phoenix it was spring and fall visitors who want to hike in the mountains , w/o water, no sun screen , and wearing flip flops Roll Eyes
and they call fire rescue to carry them down

In Denver they got stuck every where because they have never seen snow and never watch the weather on the news

In iowa there are those who forget about Ice on the road from one winter to the next

Safety, Situational Awareness and proficiency.

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HEY, go easy on these folks! As the Search and Rescue Coordinator for our county I can say these folks have given me literally thousands of hours of overtime. OK, and several injuries, missed holidays and birthdays and bizzillian weird stories. But who's to say it's a bad idea to drive your 82 Honda Civic with bald tires deep into the Sierra Nevada to cut a Christmas Tree in a storm. Hell, you even wore your best flip-flops.
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