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Guess I better clean my STI Trojan 9mm before I put it up for sale/auction. You guys have shamed me into it. I can't imagine doing a face to face deal and having the gun you are trying to sell be dirty.
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Hands down, the worst, nastiest gun I've ever bought was a Dan Wesson 15-2 frame I bought about 5 years or so ago. It looked ok on the outside, it had been wiped down before the pics were taken, but inside, wow. It crunched loudly when cocked, and when I tried to dry fire it D/A, it had about a 20 pound trigger. It was full of unburned powder to the point it was hard to understand how it got so much inside it, after all, the only places it can get into a revolver are the firing pin hole, the hand slot, and the bolt slot, so it took a lot of shooting some really dirty ammo to crud it up so bad. After I cleaned it up, it's a great looking, very smooth shooting gun.
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I will not buy or sell a dirty gun. If buying, I want to see what I'm getting. When selling, I want the buyer to be able to see that it's well cared for.
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I once cleaned a LE trade in Glock before sending it back to the factory for updates.
They threw away most of the parts I cleaned, anyway.


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Not only clean,but fully greased,and or lubed, Ready to go.

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