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Originally posted by 12131:
Originally posted by Maestro:
I hope the rest of 2018 doesn’t follow the trend of the past few days.

My wife and I were in a car accident (not our fault). We both have a messed up neck and back, and I have a concussion. One eye isn’t focusing or even moving, and the headache absolutely won’t go away. . .

I may be stating the obvious, but, WTF? If you already had a complete medical evaluation, what did doc say? If not, get yourself evaluated pronto.

Yes if your eye isn’t moving as in you have an orbital entaprment you need a CT of your face and head STAT! Post concussive syndrome can leave you with some intermittent headaches, nausea, and intermittent blurred vision but it shouldn’t effect the extra ocular movements of the eye itself. Was it a rear end collision? Airbags deploy?

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Prayers, Maestro.

Just incase you missed it, take a look at Dusty78's post above mine.

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Best wishes to you, to Mrs. Maestro, and to Georgia. When you get a chance, please let us know how y'all are doing.

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My wife is doing fairly well. She has some back pain, but our chiropractor is making good progress with her.

My head is better. My neurologist had me get a CT today. He thinks that I have a mild concussion and is checking the CT to be sure it’s nothing more serious. My eye is focusing better, and my other doctor said that it is moving better now.

Georgia (our beagle) has been having good days and rough days. I would like to see her fight a little bit more, but we are keeping her medicated as she heals. There has been slow progress, so that’s encouraging.

Thank you all for your kind thoughts and’s so wonderful to be a part of this community.
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Glad you all are heading in the right direction. Cool
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Best wishes for a quick and full recovery for all of you Maestro. Glad to hear all are improving!

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Good to see it looks like everybody's on the mend, Maestro!

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Maestro, I don't spend a lot of time in WYD so didn't see this. I'm glad you've gotten the proper evaluation, that's scary as hell. Any post-concussion symptoms, like dizziness, loss of balance, ongoing headache? I know more than I would like about this as our son got a concussion in an MVA while in high school.

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Best of luck Maestro. I've had one concussion in this life and it was no joke. Don't want another. Be well.
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Prayers sent your way Maestro.

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