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What's up with all this "rare" non-sense?

Men who carry guns for a living do not seek reward outside of the guild. The most cherished gift is a nod from his peers.
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is circumspective
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In case medium-rare is overcooked for you.

Vintage. That's the one gets me.
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The Unmanned Writer
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Well this will be a rare topic to discuss.

Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul.

Help, I'm having premonitions of future flashbacks.

Only in an insane world are the sane considered insane.

Some people listen to the noise of the world,
And some people listen to the quiet.
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Rare-ly do I get involved in discussions on this topic.


Duty is the sublimest word in the English Language - Gen Robert E Lee.
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thin skin can't win
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Hello, bendable????

You only have integrity once. - imprezaguy02

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Rare. And minty at the same time.

Best regards,

NRA Life Member and Certified Instructor
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Chilihead and Barbeque Aficionado
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Rare! Scarce! Oh no!

If I read that on another Gunbroker listing I think I'll puke.

2nd Amendment Defender - NRA member

The Second Amendment is not about hunting or sport shooting.
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I like my rear, rare...

-------------------------------------------------------2/28/2015 ~ Rest in peace Dad. Lt Commander E.G.E. USN Love you.
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You are correct, I heretofore amend P220 X6 and P226 x6 are everywhere and are indeed plentiful. Furthermore, the Top Sirloins I cooked for the family this evening were overdone and not.....

...won't say it.
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Yeah....can't stand ther "rare" or "minty" crowd.

Garands.....a good percentage of the listings have rare in the title. Yep...super rare....only 42 pages of Garands for sale.

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Don't Panic
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"rare" is in the eye of the beholder. Wink
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quarter MOA visionary
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Medium rare unless it's Prime Rib. Smile
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