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We have them in spades. Today, I got behind two of them. 45 MPH on a road where its our God-given right to do 60!

We all come to a work area with the typical "Be Prepared to Stop" warning and flag men.

We get thru the work area and are exiting the far side when genius #1 notes that the flag man on the OPPOSITE side of the road has his sign turned with the "Stop" side facing the direction from which we just came. What does she do? Stops dead still, rolls her window down and asks if she needs to stop. The poor flag man recovered quickly and waved her onward.

I nearly collected the idiot in front (genius #2) and her with the truck bumper.

From that point forward, 35MPH just in case there was a hidden flag man I suppose.

God save us from the idjits!


TL Davis: “The Second Amendment is special, not because it protects guns, but because its violation signals a government with the intention to oppress its people…”
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Years ago I-83 in Baltimore Maryland to Harrisburg, PA was undergoing repair. Traffic north was single lane and entrance ramps onto I-83 had a big STOP sign at end.

Stupid driver ahead of me on I-83 heading north slammed on her brakes when she saw the STOP sign. I didn't hit her but I wanted to kill her.

Apparently there were more stupid drivers like her, because soon after a large RAMP sign was placed under the STOP signs to inform the clueless that it's not OK to stop your car on the Interstate highway.

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