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So took advantage of the clear weather today and road tripped it up to the South Denali Overlook and then to Talkeetna for pizza. Denali was absolutely crystal clear today, this NEVER happens.

Initially when I parked at the overlook, I was the only vehicle parked in the row. Did some hiking around with Bandit and my camera gear and got some great photography in. Returned to the truck and there are vehicles parked next to me on each side including a white Suburban on the driver's side.

Didn't think anything about it, unlock the truck tether Bandit to the receiver hitch with his lease and set his water bowl down on the ground while I stow camera gear in the truck.

Next thing I hear,

"You need to remove your dog! Even dogs need to social distance! And you need to be wearing a mask! I can't get into my car! You need to remove that dog RIGHT NOW!" I'll stand here and wait because I don't want you or your dog anywhere near me!"

Ok, I get it, not everyone is a dog person, some people are intimidated by dogs. Normally I would have just apologized, untethered my dog and moved back to let her get in her vehicle and on her way. But not today and not with her attitude.

"First, fuck off Karen! I'm a nurse and I think I may know a little more about the spread of infectious diseases than you may have learned from Facebook!"

"Second, fuck off Karen! I don't think there's ever been a case of canine to human transmission of Covid!"

"Third, fuck off Karen! The world is not going to accommodate you. If you're so worried about Covid either stay home or have your husband peddle your 'Burb to the end of the parking lot away from everyone else and walk your ass an extra 50 yards to the overlook!"

Her husband, already in the vehicle yelled out,

"C'mon Karen get in the truck!"

I have a feeling it's going to be a very long drive for him, even if her name is Karen.

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I think you handled that calmly and rationally!

But seriously, as you know, that was a rare shot of The Great One. We were in the area for a week in July and never saw the whole mountain...

Thanks for posting.


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That's a great photo and you handled that "Karen" very well. More people need to push back against these busy bodies.
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Outstanding responses.

Were there only 3 parking spaces? Why'd they park right next to you to begin with?


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slam fires
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Neat picture thanks.
you were very calm ,me I would have been very rude.
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Forrest Said "Stupid is as stupid does." That's all I have to say about that.

I'm sorry if I hurt you feelings when I called you stupid - I thought you already knew - Unknown
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Liberalism is a failure to find pathways to intelligence in your brain. - David Lawrence
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HAHAHAHA, I would've loved to be there to see that!
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Excellent responses, 2000Z-71 Smile

The Karens have been with us a lot longer than the Wu Flu. If you are or ever have been a smoker you'd know that well.

Years ago, when I was still smoking, my wife and I were seated at an outside patio table at a restaurant. We lit up. A couple seated twenty feet away or more, upwind from us, were giving us dirty looks and tried to get the wait staff to make us put 'em out.

Just happened again to my wife (still smokes) and a friend. Seated outside, the only other individual all the way at the other end of the patio, and upwind, giving my wife and her friend dirty looks and noisily shifting his table farther away.

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"If we let things terrify us, life will not be worth living." -- Seneca the Younger, Roman Stoic philosopher
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I would think Karens would instinctively park away from other vehicles, just in case ya know.


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I would think Karens would instinctively park away from other vehicles, just in case ya know.

Don't you understand that they have special privileges and are superior to the rest of us, so they can make sure we do as they wish and have everyone cater to them? That would be too inconvenient for them to bother with. Mad
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I'd say that was a good response for anytime. We have no room for those people up here.

Do you only play? Or can you shoot too?
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Originally posted by 2000Z-71:
"First, fuck off Karen!
"Second, fuck off Karen!
"Third, fuck off Karen!
Loved it!!! Big Grin

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Outside in the UV, the spread chances are minimal, especially if you are 6 feet or more apart. It's indoors in close proximity where the spread can occur. As a nurse I know you know this. These people are fucking crazy.

I know dogs and cats have got covid but from what I remember it's human to animal. Like you I don't recall reading anything about an animal giving a human covid 19.

Either way the delusional buttercups should just stay home. Get your groceries delivered and don't leave your home until there is a vaccine.

lex talionis
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The Constable
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So many "special" people out there.

Generally 95% of the strangers I may interact with are friendly and easy going. Maybe its a Montana/out west thing?

It sure seem like there are a lot of assholes though in liberal areas. Even here if one goes to Bozeman or Miissoula get ready for some raised blood pressure.

Our trip trip to libtard infested Oregon last month was that way. Mask and smoking nazis!

Sitting 30 feet from any public area (bike path) if I had a cigar, I CONSTANTLY got comments from passerby's while on our own back deck!

Lots of mask/distance nazis at the exhibits/parking areas at Glacier NP this past week too. A surprising amount making comments.

It's almost as if the libtards have taken up the covid/mask/distancing BS as their new cause.
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Good response. But I might have been inclined to add something to the effect that I had all the time needed to stay as long as I wanted and that I would wait there untill she got the knot out of her panties. ........... Great photo of "the Great One". Saw it several times in 1973 thru 1979 but usually had some type of cloud cover near the top. was US Army at Ft. Greely/Delta Junction (Cold Regions Test Center which was the outdoor/outside deep freezer testing site under extreme sub-zero temperatures) and 2yrs Fairbanks as a civilian. As far as the military personel it was either you love the state or you were counting the days and hours till you could leave. Would love to come back but that is not in the cards. ..................................... drill sgt.
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I can’t believe a stranger would speak to you like that. Good grief. How does she even get out of her house?

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Ohhhh, I hope her name wasn't really Karen,

That would make the name coming out of her own husband's mouth so sweet.

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Little ray
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Dog social distance?

You should have sicced the dog on her. Wink

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That is an awesome photo! And the fact that her husband called her Karen really cracked me up, lol.

My wife is coaching elementary soccer this year. They had a game on Saturday, and a coach from another school (not even the school she was playing), who just happened to be a middle-aged female, came over and yelled at her and the coach of the team they were playing because the kids were sitting closer than 6 feet apart on the bench. I told my wife she should have asked her if she thought they were going to be 6 feet apart the whole time they were running, wheezing, coughing, and sweating on the field. Wife said her new goal for the season is to beat that woman's team...which shouldn't be too hard considering they lost 10-0 on Saturday!

I was talking to the Jr High football coach the other day, and he told me they all (including the kids), have to wear masks on the sidelines...because apparently that's where the covid will get you, not when you're piled up in a scrum on the field.

The stupid is truly astounding out there right now.
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"Fuck off" has become my new standard response as well. Nothing more needs to be said.
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