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I have a problem. I have a P220 Elite and had my LGS cerakote it, including visible small parts.

I thought I'd clearly indicated that I didn't want any part of the hammer below the pivot hole cerakoted, for fear of covering the sear/hammer mating face.

It seems I wasn't clear.

It also seems that the actual sear/hammer interface surface is inside a narrow rectangular notch.

I am very familiar with stoning the hammer/sear interface on Ruger/S&W/Colt revolvers, and 1911s/BHP/BabyEagle/Tokarev/Femaru/Ruger 22s/Star/P38/glock pistol designs- as I've worked all of the above over [and then, I could add the rifles/shotguns to the mix]. I am a noob in regards to Sigs, but not a noob overall.

However, I am NOT a gunsmith, and don't claim to be.

That said, I don't have a stone that fits inside that notch for my Sig P220 Elite.

Is there a really thin arkansas stone for this application?

Or, is it best just to buy a new hammer from TopGunSupply/et al, and start over?

The sear wasn't cerakoted, so it is untouched.

This is the P220 Stainless Elite, so I do want the trigger to be SMOOOOOTH. It isn't a knock-around carry piece.

thanks for you input.

Sig P225, P226, P220 Carry Stainless Elite, and a bunch of non-sigs. Smile
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